Okay I am going to do a bit of venting today, because I want to know why it is so hard for a customer to simply reply with hi. For instance every time I end up covering my cashiers lunch I as a polite person make it my job to greet everyone with a simple greeting as they walk in. I keep it simple, and quick, but I am sincere, so why can you not simply take a second to look over and return the favor.

     When a customer does this to me, I admit my willingness to help you drastically goes in the garbage. Oh your coupon is expired, that is just too bad. Oh, you want to do a refund without a receipt, well you should have said hi.

     Another thing that I really hate is when a customer comes into the store and not even ten seconds later asks me where something is. I almost always am helping a customer, and now I do not even look at them and tell them that I will be with them as soon as the customers in line are gone. Are you too lazy to look up at the giant four feet long signs that hang over the aisles? Do not get me wrong, I love helping customers, but if you are not going to even try and look, and interrupt me when I am helping someone else than your little self-entitled butt can wait for me to finish. There is a polite way to do things, so customers pay attention.