Short answer: you simple-minded fuck, no I am not enjoying my weekend because I am here with you ultimate fucks.

The Monday Blues.

     Working in retail means you rarely will ever get a weekend off, let alone two days in a row. This is especially true if you are a manager or key holder. I feel than not many customers understand this, because every Friday we are still asked if we are excited for the weekend. I honestly feel like saying “absolutely, I am so thrilled to still wake up at 6:45 on a Saturday to open a store for the busiest day of the week”. Do customers just forget that they still come in and shop on the weekends?

     I am actually taking this coming weekend off and I am shutting my phone off. Why would I shut off my phone? Because although my boss knows I am off, I will still have cashiers calling me asking me to trade shifts, or some other equally dumb question. For example we have one cashier who is a older woman who is retired from the healthcare field. Yet this woman is dumb as rocks. I constantly wonder how she ever succeeded in her previous job, when she cannot figure out how to checkout a magazine after showing her over a dozen times! This woman constantly calls me when I am not working to ask me questions, when she is already working with a supervisor!

     Why we never really get weekends off we do actually look forward to Mondays often. This is because it means we are either about to get a day off or enjoy a slower paced day. If one more customer asks me how my weekend was, or better yet asks me on a Saturday while I am working if I am enjoying my weekend I think I am going to go over to our coolers grab a beer and walk right out the doors never to come back.