**This was a Contribution sent in awhile back, I have seen it elsewhere, but thought it was funny enough to post on here.


   So I work at a really well known superstore. I was on the 20 items or less registers, wiping down my area, when a lady comes up and throws everything on the register. I say hello and ask if she found everything okay. She says yes and so I continue on. She hands me three coupons. Two from a paper and one from the product itself. Now, I’ve only been working there about two weeks. Some coupons we aren’t allowed to scan the same visit so I just wanted to be sure so I ask a fellow cashier if I can. The lady rudely interrupts, raising her voice. “Of course you can!! It says now doesn’t it??” I hadn’t noticed it said now on the coupon that was from the product so that was an over site on my part. I flip over the coupon and my fellow cashier says yeah, we can use the coupons as long as they aren’t ripped off the packaging. “See, I told you.” Snarks the woman. So I put the coupon aside. And finish scanning everything. I scan the coupons. The first one scans, the second ones expired and for some reason the last one isn’t going through, so I read the coupon carefully and it says “ save two dollars when you buy two of so and so product.” I relay this to the lady and she just stares at me so I politely ask “did you want to grab another one or would you like to save this coupon for the next visit?”

“No, just use it now.” She said.

“I can’t ma’am, it will only work if you buy two of these, you only have one so the coupon doesn’t apply.”

“There isn’t another one so make it work.” She snaps. First of all, this store is NEVER out of stock on anything and if by some freak fuck up we are, its usually only of one kind of that item so I know there’s like four other kinds of this same product.

“I cannot do anything ma’am. I have no button on here that let’s me over ride the coupon. So would you like to save it for next time or grab a different scent of the same brand?” I ask with a smile, holding it out to her.

“No, I want to use it now. So use it.”

“Ma’am, I cannot make this coupon work.” I said a little slower, hoping she’d somehow magically understand. “Would you like so speak to a manager?” I asked, setting the coupon on the counter.

“Why, so they can tell me the same thing?” She yelled. At this point I’m thinking ‘Bitch, if you know they’re gonna tell you the same fucking thing, they why give me shit about it?’

“Okay, so here’s the coupon. You can save it for your next visit.” I say, smiling

“What for?! So it can be expired by then?” She yells.

“No ma’am. Not if you come before the expiration date and the second coupon you gave my is expired.” I said.


“This is actually not our coupon, its from the manufacturer.” And she stares daggers at me.

I apologize for the misunderstanding and she pays. After she puts all her stuff in the cart, she stands around looking at the receipt and like five minutes later she pipes up. “CAN I SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER? WHICH ONE IS SHE? IS THAT HER THERE?” 
She asks pointing to one of the managers.

“Yes but she’s too far away and I can’t yell for her. Let me page her for you.” I said smiling. I put in a code that goes to the managers phones. I put it in twice to be sure they get it. “Someone should be here shortly.” I say and continue to ring up customers. About a minute goes by and I hear her.

“Well could you call for them or something??”

“I did ma’am. I did it through the computers. Someone should be here soon.” I put in the code again just to be sure. Another couple of minutes go by and she just starts yelling again.

“This is ridiculous!! No customer service. You guys have horrible customer service!!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do anything else unless they walk by and I can flag them down.” She just continued to yell bullshit at me and then walk out.

Like holy shit, fucking read the coupon before you bring it up. Of course there’s a catch to manufacturer’s coupons. They want you to buy more. Don’t blame me because you can’t read. ._.