Today I wanted to share with you guys a few of the memorable ways people have quit that I have had the privilege of witnessing. Sit back and enjoy! I am thinking of making this a weekly series.

     I was sitting here the other night thinking about what I could possible talk about. I was unable to really come up with anything until a friend sent me a text about how his coworker had just quit on him. This is when it had hit me that over the last five years of working in retail, I have seen some pretty memorable instances of people rage quitting. So today I present to you the first of many of my favorite ways coworkers have quit.


     First I want to start out with my most recent which happened just a few months back while working for CVS. We had a young woman in her low twenties who was completely irresponsible. She has been mentioned before, as she would always call into work, or sometime just surprise us by not calling in or showing up. We will call her Danielle (By the way I know you follow me so enjoy the show). Anyways Danielle was your typical pot smoking feminist hippy. I am in complete agreement with gender equality but this was the type of self-contradicting woman who would demand a door be held for them, then get mad because she could do it herself. Danielle was also the party girl. Nothing wrong with that until you start calling in sick every single Friday night, and you forget I am a Facebook friend and can see all the party pics.

       The problems began when her performance took a steep fall. She was suddenly getting customer complaints on a weekly basis, as well as simply not doing a thing her entire shift. Well after about a month of this and talking with her multiple times I had enough. It was Friday morning and I knew she would be calling in at any moment. Not even ten minutes later I got the call. I was on a mission. I went home after having to work yet again another double, and again she had posted pictures of her at a party. Although I was not supposed to work Saturday evening I decided to go ahead and go in that way I could confront her. She denied that it was her at first then began to say that they were from a party a few weeks back. I had to leave or I was going to blow up on her.

      All went well for a few weeks, aside from her normal tardiness and absenteeism. However about a month after our talk and the night before I was going on vacation ,I get a call ten minutes before her shift starts. She immediately yells into the phone that she hated me and that I was a sexist jerk who wouldn’t let her party and that she quit. I then told her that I had no problem with her partying, but that my problem stemmed from her calling in and making me work multiple double shifts a week for the last two months. Well after this she told me that she started her new job in just a few minutes and hung up the phone.

     Perhaps it was because I was a vindictive jerk that I went ahead and logged into Facebook to see if she was still on my friends list. She was, she also had a post about her new job. Well little did she know that I actually knew the manager at her new job, and that our phone calls were recorded. So I decided to go ahead and gather everything I had on her little party nights, as well as a copy of the phone call in which she had cussed me out and just quit. Then I gave that store manager a call on his cell phone and had a lovely little talk with him over his new employee. Turns out she had lid on her resume, and said that she was a former store manager, had given notice and had her bachelor’s degree in management. Then I went ahead and told him about the problems we had had with her as well as a copy of everything I had. Well Danielle had one hell of a first/last day at her new job. She lasted less than an hour before she was terminated for lying on her resume.

     Call me a jerk, in fact, call me whatever you want. Yeah, it was unprofessional and over the line. I really do not care. The way in which she quit demanded attention, I simply gave her that attention.

As I mentioned I plan on making this a weekly series if you all like it enough. I have quite a few others, but I wanted to start with this one because it was the most recent one, as well as knowing that she will read it.