So today I wanted to do something a little different because of my current promotion with Dear Customer on Twitter and out giveaway (see twitter)

Here are a few things that you really should avoid doing or saying to anyone working a register.

1. #dearcustomer First off if something does not scan at the register DO NOT I repeat DO NOT say that it must be free. You are not the first person to come up with that “joke” and in all likelihood we have already heard it half a dozen times that day.

2. #dearcustomer If you believe something was on sale, or a lower price then there are two things we are going to ALWAYS do. We will first make sure you used your loyalty card, and then we will check the price ourselves. We cannot simply take your word that the 120 count of Nexium you are buying that normally sells for around $50 was on sale for $7.00.

3. #dearcustomer  If we tell you that we cannot use your expired coupons and you demand to see a manager such as myself I will always back up my cashier or store policies. Corporate is very strict about coupons and policies, and your $2.00 off coupon is not worth the cashiers or my own job.

4. #dearcustomer If by some rare chance that we make a mistake, we will happily do everything in our power to fix the problem, or escalate the issue If needed. This does not however, give you an excuse to act like a three-year-old child having a meltdown in the middle of the store. We are human, and make mistakes just like you.

5. #dearcustomer If you are shopping with your children then you need to watch them. If you cannot do so we will be more than happy to let you know. If you still neglect to watch your children then we will be happy to have them sit in a chair at the front of the store that way they cannot knock every single piece of merchandise in the store.

6. #dearcustomer If you are coming in mere minutes before closing then you better be fast, clean and very polite if you expect us to stay later than our shift. My store is open fourteen hours out of the day if you cannot make it to the store on time then do not get angry when we tell you to check out or leave. We are all about customer service, but we cannot stay an hour late for you to shop.

7. #dearcustomer Please never ask someone working a register if they are working hard or hardly working. (see reason 1)