Hope you all enjoy another retail horror story about my final days at Walmart!

     After working for way too long at Walmart I decided I needed a much-needed vacation. I was going to be taking my vacation the week after Thanksgiving before the Christmas rush came on. I submitted my vacation time and it was approved nine months prior to me leaving for my Caribbean cruise. However, a week before I was set to leave my store manager called me into his office and wanted to talk with me.

   My store manager was one of those retail associates that take what little power they have at their store and suddenly think that they’re are god-like. We will call him Adam. Adam was in his mid-forties and was the type of boss that was always looking over everyone’s shoulder. He was the dreaded micromanager. Even if you were following policy and would show him a way to increase effectiveness he would stop you right there and in that oh so polite tone that often reminds me of Office Space go “Yeahhhhhh ….. Let’s just go ahead and do it this way.

   As I entered his office I just knew this was going to be about my vacation. He was very blunt and got right to the point and proceeded to tell me that he could not allow me to go on my vacation as the week I requested off was a blocked week. I was quite angry and explained to him that he had already approved the time off all the way back in March! I also told him that my trip was non-refundable and that I simply had to go. After a few minutes, he simply shut down and told me that it was not his problem and that I should have known that I could not take off any time in December.

   This is where I immediately turned the tables on him. After years of working for this shit-head I simply gave him two options.

Option 1: I can quit right here and now leaving this store short on personnel as we already had multiple people quit that week. Then I would enjoy my vacation as planned.

Option 2. I cannot take this fucking store anymore so I am going on my vacation anyways, but I will come back and work the remainder of December to ensure that you have help through Christmas week.

   Needless to say that he took the much more favorable option 2. I went on my vacation and even worked through Christmas week. It was December 29th and my last scheduled day was December 30th I was only a day away from freedom!

   Welfare . . . Good for some, but many choose to abuse it. My views are that someone on Foods Stamps should not be able to go and buy $40 of Dr.Pepper on taxpayer’s expense. The problem with Walmart is that it happens far too often. People come in with their cards, and while soda and $35 tubs of beef jerky are not banned per say we do judge you. Especially if you come to the store driving a Cadillac, wearing designer clothing and bragging about not paying for your own fucking groceries. Needless to say, it wears down on your very soul witnessing the scum of the earth come in every day (especially the first of the month.) and after years of letting it build up I had reached my limit. There are people who truly benefit and need Food Stamps, but more often than not the shoppers we would see would abuse the system.

   Well, the day before my last scheduled day was also kind of my going away party. I had a cake that did not come out of our bakery gifted to me by coworkers, and even a going away card. I was having a great day until the Bitch showed up. We shall call her simply Ms.B you can use your imagination for that one.  The Ms.B was a middle-aged woman with dirty brown hair around shoulder length, she reeked of whatever cheap brand of cigarette she could bum off someone and obviously had done some hard drugs based on her visible preference of having not seen a dentist in what appeared to be decades. At the time I was a Customer Service Manager and would spend most of my time behind the Customer Service desk. She went about her shopping as do all the other customers and when she checked out she went to one of my associates lines. I was paged from that associate for a CODE F (which was our little signal that meant Food Stamps. ) I knew it was going to be good.

   As I approached the checkout lane I noticed the normal, chips, soda, alcohol, beef jerky. Absolutely nothing that provided actual nutritional value. She immediately started yelling at me that my f*****g register was broken as it was not taking the full amount of her total when she slid her card. I knew it was the two 24 packs of Coors light and checked the register to confirm my suspicions.  I told her that Food Stamps does not cover alcohol purchases and she grew very angry and told me how I was wrong and that she was a lawyer and that she was able to do it “last time” as well as other obviously fake bull shit. I again explained to her that Food Stamps is meant to cover nutritional food, and does not, nor will it ever cover alcohol. This woman was pissed! Eventually, however she paid the difference only after making a scene about getting my name so she could report me to corporate offices for following the law! If this woman was truly a lawyer as she had claimed then surely she would not be on food stamps in the first place. After she left my cashier and I just exchanged a look like, “Did that really just happen?”

   All was going well, and I went back to my counter and continued to work for another ten minutes when my store manager came out and somehow he had found out about Ms.B.  He told me that it was no wonder why I wanted to leave, and we joked a little bit about the encounter for a few minutes before suddenly I see her again, this time coming over to my counter wearing a hat now. I immediately told him that the woman approaching was her. As she approached she proceeded to tell me that she bought all these groceries the day prior and would like to return them, I ask her if she had a receipt. To which she told me that she lost it but that she had paid cash for everything. Mind you these were the exact same groceries that she had just purchased no more than 15 minutes prior. I went ahead and played along all with my store manager no more than three feet away from me. I scanned every item which totaled over $370 then told her that I needed her Food Stamp card to complete the refund. Boy did she get angry with me. She started yelling “I DON’T USED NO F*****G FOOD STAMPS YOU IDIOT” then screamed at me that she paid cash and that is what she wanted back. While I am getting cussed out by this wonderful example of high society my store manager is just sitting back silently enjoying the show.

   I reminded her that I was the one who had to help her on the register when she checked out and informed her that she could not buy alcohol with her Food Stamps. She swore up and down that it was not her, and demanded a cash refund. At that time we knew she was trying to commit fraud, so I simply told her. “Look I cannot perform a refund for cash or gift card as I know you used your Food Stamps.” Reluctantly she gives in and in that typical entitled pissy fit screams that she has to walk all the way out to her car to get the card, and that we were wasting her valuable time.

   She came back in about five minutes later and comes up to my counter throws her Food Stamp card at me looks me in the eyes and says “YOUR GOING TO FIX YOUR F*****G MISTAKE!” I was pissed at that point but remained professional and told her that if she did not calm down, and stop cussing then I would not help her and that she would be escorted out with her groceries and without a refund. Ms.B lost it at that point, and I really do not remember what she was screaming at me at that point, something about a free country and that she could say whatever she wanted to me as I was just a retail employee.

   Years of watching Food Stamp abuse, and just working in retail had built up and built up so as she was screaming at me I interrupted her, looked her dead in the eyes and screamed at the top of my lungs “THEN TAKE YOUR FREE SHIT AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY STORE!!!!!!!!!” … … … Immediately that shut Ms.B up. She just stood there with a look of disbelief for what must have been a full ten seconds then FINALLY my store manager intervened. He immediately began to apologize to her for my behavior, and was telling me to step away. I had already lost it at this point and started yelling at him. “HELL NO THAT BITCH DESERVED IT” Adam ended up having to call two other associates to come get me away from the counter and take me to the break room. All the way I am screaming how that bitch deserved it. Once I was in the break room both associates immediately started laughing and talking about how that was awesome, and that they wish they could have said that.

   I knew that I was leaving Walmart a day earlier than anticipated, and after about ten minutes I get called into his office. He gave me the typical rundown about how I was being fired for verbal abuse to a customer, and we signed paperwork. After I was officially clocked out and terminated, my coward of a boss told me that what I had done was something that he had wanted to do for the last fifteen years. He told me that he was putting it in the computer that I was re-hirable in the event I ever wanted to go back to work for Walmart and that it would look like I just left a day earlier than planned.

   All and all my last day at Walmart was well worth it!

 Hope you all enjoyed this retail horror story about my last day at Walmart!