Hey Rex! I am also a CVS Shift Manager, and one thing that really gets to me is when people abuse the return policy. We have had an ongoing problem with a customer for over a year now! The Asian woman comes into our store and buys literally EVERYTHING that gives her extra bucks. Then immediately after buying everything and getting her extra bucks she turns around and wants to return everything!

     She has been doing this every week for over a year now, and my store manager refuses to do anything about it, so yesterday I left her receipt on the counter, and after she returned everything I quickly snatched up the receipt and tore off the over $70 in extra bucks and immediately tore it to a pile of confetti. She was SO mad. I told her that we were no longer going to let her scam our store, and that if she returned the products then we would be keeping the Extra Bucks, as she had not really purchased anything.

    Well this morning I got a call from or Regional Loss Prevention Manager (RLPM) He said that while technically I couldn’t do that, he would look the other way if it got her to stop. Maybe you should try this at your store?