Hello there, I am a twenty-something year old in the United States and let me start off by stating the obvious. I work in retail. Do I enjoy this? Absolutely fucking not. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful that I have a job, and understand how lucky I am. However I must say that I hate every waking moment of my job in retail, and I am sure you do as well.

   I have worked for three retail companies, and yes this includes that smiley little bastard named Walmart. I now actively avoid stepping foot in any Walmart just because I really want to avoid ever again dealing with the redneck, hillbilly goat fucking … ehhhh. Okay let’s just say I do not ever want to go back there, and there will be plenty of stories to come.

   Let us establish a completely loose schedule in which I likely will not follow but somehow you all will expect me to follow.

* Monday ( Personal Story from my retail past)

* Wednesday ( Random Wednesdays)

* Fridays ( Personal story, or funny story)

   This blog is going to be updated as regularly as possible, but I am a college student working on a double major in Chemistry and Biology. As I gain a following I will begin to post more stories that are submitted to me.

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