Coupon Madness!

     Over the last few weeks I have constantly had to think about what I say to customers who are especially rude. This is because our store has become a coupon madhouse; despite our updated policies regarding coupons. We do not accept ANY expired coupons, and we check each coupon to verify not only usability but authenticity. For instance printed coupons all have individual codes that we check to make sure they are not photocopied. We also check that if a coupon is for shampoo you bought shampoo not conditioner.

     Well over the last few weeks people have just been crazy about their coupons, from photocopied duplicates, to attempting to use them for the wrong product. I have even been given the nickname the Coupon Nazi!

     I had a customer who is very regular and never pays more than $10 for everything come in the other day and went about shopping. She has known about our updated coupon policy since the beginning of April and has been in to visit quite a few times since. Well when she came up to the register she had bought about 15 items, all of which had coupons. Three of her coupons were expired by a week. I told her and she demanded that I “just scan it” and that she knew it could work. I tried to explain to her that simply because it scans does not mean that our store is reimbursed and she still went on saying and repeating “just scan it” Again I tell her NO!

     As I am looking at her other coupons I notice that 4 more of her coupons were the wrong product and excluded the trial sizes, so again I have to tell her no, ad again she tells me to “just scan it.” When everything was said and done her total came out to over $45 dollars, long and behold here came the sob story.

     She immediately tells me that she has been in the hospital since march and that she has just gotten out today, therefore she had no idea about the changes to our policy. I play along and go “Oh my gosh I am so sorry to hear that, ect.”  Well than she asks me to make an exception for her as she had not known. I tell her just a moment and that I would be right back. I went to my office and printed out her transaction history which showed that she had been in the store several times since March, and come back out and show her. I tell her that I checked her out the week prior and that she had already known. This little 5 foot 5 Korean woman got so nasty so quick, and she refused to pay. As she was screaming for me to “just scan it” I told her that she was blocking the line for customers and that the little she-devil needed to pay or step aside. As she was screaming for me to “JUST SCAN IT” I voided the transaction and had the next customer come up to the line. What a great day!