So on Sunday, I was having a great day, that was until it came time to close. We lock our doors a minute or two early so that way I do not go over my labor at the end of the week because even ten minutes every day adds up.

     Well at the end of the night after I locked my doors at 9:59 I had a woman who was likely in her mid-thirties start banging on my doors and screaming to open up. I went over and told her that we were closed, and she continued to bang on the door. She pulled out her phone and shoved it to the glass saying that it was only 9:59 and that I had to let her in.

     this woman was demanding that we could not close and that she was entitled to come in and shop a minute before closing. She even called corporate on me to which my district manager called me the next day to simply tell me that I had nothing to worry about.

     Well, another incidence occurred last night. I had a customer who continued to shop until after 15 minutes past closing. I had made two announcements over our intercom, and even walked up to her and told her that we were closed and that she needed to check out. After the fifteen minute mark I went to go tell her again, as she was clearly in no rush. She told me that she was the customer and that we HAD to stay open as long as she wanted. To which I replied, “Well I am the MANAGER, and I am closing my store.” So either you need to go up front and check out or I will set your cart aside and you can finish in the morning. She refused to come check out, so I pulled my register tills and escorted her outside. All the time while she was screaming that she was calling corporate and that I was fired. (LOL) ”

I really do not get the sense of entitlement that comes from certain customers. We are open 14 hours out of the day, and you want to make us go over in payroll? Seriously?