Let me start off that working at Petsmart did one thing and one thing only for me. Working there really gave me the chance to define my morals. Since our store had no security cameras employee theft was rampant, and try and take a break at this place and suddenly you would have bathroom duty for weeks. Working for that location was one of the best opportunities in my life, yet also one of the worst decisions in my life.

   Sharon the store manager was informed of a product recall for a popular flea and tick preventative medications for dogs and cats. I found out when coming in that morning and checking my company email. I immediately took the items out of our inventory on our computer system that way if any customers attempted to purchase the item my cashiers would be unable to ring up the item and require assistance which would give me the chance to inform the customer of the recall. Afterward, I began my routine inspection of the store, then moved on to taking the product off the shelves. After about twenty minutes Sharon came up and asked why I was taking the product off the shelves, and when I informed her of the recall she stated that she knew, but since we had such a large inventory it would cost too much send it back. So Sharon told me that I was to put the product back on the shelves, reenter them in our electronic inventory system and go about my day as if I had never seen them.

   Needless to say, I was shocked by her statements and tried to get her to change her mind. When she was unwilling to budge I reluctantly told her that I would add the items back to our inventory after my lunch break, all while knowing she was going to be leaving for the day well before. After Sharon left for the day I went about taking the product that I had already removed and proceeded to begin the return protocols for a recall item. I ended up staying three hours over my scheduled shift in order to make sure that I had the items properly packed and ready to be sent back that next morning before her arrival. If I had everything scanned out and reports printed then there was no way that she could simply reenter the items into our electronic inventory system. When she found out the next morning she threatened to have me fired for insubordination and staying past our payroll. At this point, I did not care what she had to say. She had tried to get me to leave products that could have been dangerous to our pets out for sale, so I ended up telling her that if that is what she wanted to do then she should go ahead and do just that. I also told her that my morals are worth more than any job and that if she did end up firing me then I was taking her down with me. I would be calling the district manager, the news stations and even our ethics line. I have always held the belief that your morals are always worth more than any job, and by doing what I did I was able to prove those beliefs to myself.