If you have ever worked as a cashier then you know what I mean when I say that election year can be a memorable experience at the registers. Having a customer come to your line while you make small talk suddenly start talking about those damn liberal democrats, or those bible thumping republicans can be quite funny, and quite aggravating at the same time. The same goes when someone comes in and when checking out starts asking you about god. Next thing you know you have half a dozen business cards, flyers and suddenly have Sunday morning plans. I am working on a register; I do not have the time nor the interest to discuss my political views or my relationship with god.

   The worst thing about this special breed of people is the complete lack of “no” in their vocabulary. For instance, I never tell anyone who is asking me about politics my views nor do I agree with what they are saying. They immediately assume that you are the opposite of whatever view you have, then you have to explain that you are simply working, and do not discuss politics with customers. The same can be said of overly religious people. I can tell them that I already belong to a church, and instead of simply acknowledging and moving on, far too often than not, they want to argue as to why I should visit their church, or why my church is wrong.

  I have no problem with religion or politics, I vote, and I am a Christian. I do have a problem when you want to come into a public place and shove your views down some helpless employee’s throat. My CVS store often has Jehovah Witnesses that come in. They are polite, but always trying to convert the employees. They use the restrooms and place flyers on our mirrors and doors. If you are unlucky enough to have to check them out then you are guaranteed to receive either a flyer or a business card.  All of which end up in the trash shredded to a pulp the very second they leave the store.

   The same goes with politics. We often get people putting flyers on our front doors, or even signs in out lawn. I do not care if they are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or The Rent is Too Damn High Party, that crap is immediately going into our high capacity trash compactor.

   Customers look maybe I came off a bit harsh. I do not mean for it to be taken personally, I will debate politics or religion with you as soon as I leave the store. But when I am at work, when I cannot agree or disagree with you, please leave me the hell alone. Nothing against you, but you are not going to suddenly get my vote, or suddenly get me to convert by shoving big words or by screaming damnation to me why I am at work.

Until Wednesday, -Rex