So today I was having a good day, I just bought a new car on Monday, and overall I was able to get quite a bit of work done. Before I was going to go on lunch I went ahead and decided to use the restroom. Nothing out of the ordinary, but as you walk toward the restroom which also happen to be right next to my office you are always immediately overwhelmed by the ever present smell of nursing home dumpster. Maybe not that bad, but the smells definitely creep out of the bathrooms.

               Well as I am in the restroom by myself using the urinal an older man came in running past me and slamming the stall door closed. As I am standing there taking what started out as a peaceful leak I begin to hear the worst bathroom sounds I could possibly imagine. This man must have been backed up for a week and eaten a whole laxative chocolate bar, because it just didn’t stop. As I am finishing and moving over to the ink he is still grunting like a jersey shore wanaby trying to bench too much. I end up leaving the sink on as I left and go about my day.

               While on lunch however, I get a call from my cashier asking me to come up front. When I get there she tells me that a customer had just complained about the men’s bathroom. So during my lunch I ended up cleaning diarrhea off the toilet seat, back of the toilet and floor. As well as having to take out the trash containing the man’s tighty whities.

               I seriously wonder my sanity over the fact that I continue to work in retail.