As I am sitting here in the back seat on my way to Kansas I realized one thing about myself and my adventures in retail. We all share in experiences, even if the location or the name on the store is different. We experience the same struggles, and accomplishments and the best aspect of working in retail is the bonds you create.

     I have come to the realization that why I will gladly admit that working in retail is a struggle, and most days I come home mentally and physically drained. With all that in mind, I have also realized that I have made so many close friends in retail, and every store is a small and close-knit family. Every store is the same; we all have those that we grow so close to that we end up thinking of them as a family. We may even go out for drinks with them or invite them over once in a while.

      This last week I have been opening every day, and my boss was out on much-needed vacation. Well, this meant that for the most part, I was doing the truck myself. I had an evening manager on Thursday night, but he is sick and in the evenings you really cannot get too much done because of the need to get the store ready to close. So here I am on Friday morning freaking out because I still had over half of the truck left to finish on my own in less than six hours before my boss came back from vacation.

     Well, the time comes when she is about to come in and I still had quite a bit of it left. I had been able to work out a good chunk, but I was terrified that she was going to be upset. Mind you my boss ( Amber) is a wonderful woman, the best boss I have ever had. She is always very friendly and almost motherly at times. Well, she has never been upset with me, and looking back I really do not know why I was so worried. When she came in she completely understood and realized that it was a much larger truck than normal.

     My point with this is that we are so close and in tune that I was actually worried about her coming In when I had no reason to do so. This is because we are in a way a family. We can be disappointed and even upset at times with each other, but in the end, we always get past and move on just as a family does. We joke, laugh, love and even fight. Working in such a customer orientated fast paced environment is both challenging and rewarding. Sure the pay sucks, the fact that we work holidays and weekends suck, but we gain what many other office workers do not. We gain a second family. Because of this, I can now understand why some people elect to stay working in retail for ten or more years.

     – Rex