This week while working at  CVS I had a young black woman in her early twenties In a very nice Mustang decide to not only park in one handicapped spot but to park sideways and take up two handicapped spots. This is something that really makes me judge the hell out of you. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but this woman was all dressed up, parked sideways and left her engine running with her profanity infused bass thumping rap music playing on loud. Well, I noticed this shortly after she came in so I got on our intercom and said: “Will the owner of the black newer model Ford Mustang please come to the front.” I waited a few minutes, and she did not come, so I paged again, “Will the owner of The newer model black Ford Mustang please come to the front you are parked illegally.” Still nothing after a few more minutes.

   Around this time I notice an older man probably in his seventies pulling into our store, and he has to park a bit far from the door. I watch him as he walked to the passenger door and helps his presumed wife out of the car. This woman is in bad shape and is using a walker. I am pissed at this point and decide to go and find this woman who is taking up two of my handicapped spots. Mind you that at this point at least ten minutes had already passed. When I find her down our razor aisle I confronted her and said excuse me miss, I need you to move your vehicle, you do not have a handicapped tag or placard and therefore I need you to move your vehicle or I will have it towed. She started yelling at me that she was only going to be a minute and that it did not matter because someone could park elsewhere. I tried to politely explain to her that those spots are for those that need it, and not for lazy entitled cunts like herself.

   She refused to move her vehicle and just then the older man walked by as he had overheard us talking. He tells the young woman that taking up two spots like that is a great way to get her car keyed. She told him to “F off I’ll park wherever I want!” At this point, I realize she is not going to move her vehicle and so I go to my office and I call our towing company that services our area. He tells me that he can be there in about ten minutes. I was afraid that she would be leaving by then and my fears soon became true. She came up to the front with nothing more than a bottle of shampoo, and I instantly wonder where in the hell all the razors that she had just minutes before had gone. I tell her that I would not be checking her out until she moved her vehicle and that none of my employees would be checking her out either.

   This pisses her off and she proceeds to slam the bottle of shampoo down and says to me “well I got what I needed anyway.” As she is walking out my security buzzer goes off, and she has not made any purchases so I immediately confront her. (By the way, I am breaking so many policies by this point) As I confront her I notice that in her bag is more than a few high dollar razor blade refills still in our security boxes, so at this point, I do not give her a choice I tell her that she is coming with me and that she is caught. She reluctantly follows me to my back office and I give her the choice. She can either return all the stolen merchandise and I can take her photo and send it in, or I can call the police and they can deal with her. She gives me this sob story about how her boyfriend told her to do it and that her mom is sick, bullshit! I again remind her and she agrees to return everything,

   Well in the middle of everything, I get a knock on my door and it was our tow truck driver. I had forgotten about this guy by this point, and he said hey here is your ticket I already got the Mustang loaded. This pissed her off even more!!! I am laughing at this point and I have the information I needed to collect done, so I let her go and she comes back in a few minutes later and says that her car had been keyed and that I HAD to give her security footage so that she could find out who did it.

   Mind you we do not have security cameras in the parking lot, and I am dying laughing at this point. I am trying to be calm and collected, and maintain a modicum of professionalism, but this was just too damn funny! I tell her that we do not have security footage in our parking lot and that even if she did I would not be able to directly hand it over to her. I then proceed to explain to her that due to her shoplifting she was not welcome at the store and that if she did not leave the grounds I would call the police and have her arrested for trespassing.

   All in all, she was caught shoplifting, parked in two handicapped spots, had her car KEYED and TOWED and was forced to leave the store. I say that Karma is good. I suspect that it was the old man, but without actually witnessing the event, or having it on cameras I couldn’t do anything about it, I ended up telling the officer that came later that day about the old guy but he simply brushed it off stating, that he was not too concerned as she was parked in handicapped spots and that since it was not caught on security footage there was nothing he could do for her.

   One of my best WIN days so far while working for CVS.