Penny Kite is the graphic designer who worked on the logo for Retail Anonymous. She has been my graphic designer for some time now. I have known her since high school, and she has helped me on many projects. The reason why I have stuck with her over the years is simple. Penny is extremely easy to work with. I can go to her with nothing more than a name and she always comes back with great designs at a cost effective price. I have tried other graphic designers only to be disappointed, and I can honestly say that Penny is great friend who is both professional and understanding.

   She does more than just logos, she also works on resumes, logos, cover letter designs, and/or business cards, she can help you with just about anything. These materials might help you get a better job than what you have!

   Visit and her page at:

   Here are two logos that she has designed for me. I ended up selling off Essay Please in February of 2016 & the logo design was a very important part of the sale.