One of the best things about working in retail is the connections you make with co-workers and customers alike. However, it can also be one of the worst things as when a grumpy or rude customer comes in it can ruin your entire day. This short is about a woman who we call Ms.L

     Ms.L Is a couponer. Which despite my previous posts that doesn’t bother me; it is instead her selfish self-entitled attitude that bothers me. She buys a LOT of milk. Usually three to four a week doesn’t matter which kind as sometimes it is whole and other times it is skim. She also frequently has rainchecks. What bothers me about this feral woman is the fact that she is always trying to get the sale that is current for the milk on top of a 1 dollar extrabucks for the milk. So the register will automatically print out $1 for this week’s sale, then she will try to get another one on top of this. Despite having told her many times, she will always try to fool any new employee or even me from time to time.

     Another thing that Ms.L is known for is buying merchandise with coupons at one store for next to nothing, and attempting to return them for full store credit at another store. I have called her out on it before, and we have begun to keep track of her purchases throughout our district.

     The most annoying thing this wretch of a woman does however, is when I am forced to act as her cashier. Almost all of her coupons are either expired or clearly for the wrong item. She will look you in the eyes and say “just scan it. Just scan it” To which I have to explain to her that just because it scans through the register does not make it valid and that the store is not reimbursed for the coupons. She doesn’t care one bit, she always insists that we just scan the coupon anyways. So the last time she came in I simply told her that knowingly using expired or invalid coupons is a form of coupon fraud and that I was not going to help her break the law. That if that is what she continued to try then she would need to find another store to cheat.

     Ms. L and a few others are what make my store a nightmare on the weekends. Do you guys have anyone like Ms.L? Let us know in the comments below!