Today is a lovely little story about my days working at Walmart. When I worked there I tried not to judge anyone who used the electric scooters. They are there for a reason, and you should not judge a book by its cover. However, I would get a bit upset if I saw someone who clearly did not need one, using an electric scooter, only to have someone who is truly handicapped come in and ask if there were any left. This was one of those days.

     My shift was going dreadfully slow that day, and it just seemed like we were getting a whole bunch of crazies in the store. Well, we had a morbidly obese woman who looked a bit like Honey Boo Boo’s mother. Fat, ragged, and simply white trash. She had to have weighed at least in her 580’s and she had come in and used a scooter. No big deal I worked there and saw that kind of hilarity on a daily basis. However, when I went to go chase down a customer by our bakery I happened to see the woman at the cake department fighting with another customer over the last vanilla sheet cake. The other woman who was quite thinner and well-dressed yelled for me and explained that this whale of a woman had taken the cake out or her cart and that she was buying it for her daughter’s birthday. The fat woman who I noticed had chips, soda, snack cakes, and other junk in her basket proclaimed that since the lady was away from the cart that it was free game. The other much thinner lady said that she was no more than a few feet from her cart and it was because she was trying to get one of my bakery employees to see if they could add a message to the cake.

     The whale of a woman again proclaimed that because she had stepped away from her cart that it was fair game, so then the skinny woman said okay well how about you? How could your fat self ever be fair game when you probably couldn’t even get out of your cart! I immediately had to calm them both down and gave the cake back to the thinner woman. When the fat woman eventually went to check out she had purchased almost $200.00 worth of complete junk ranging from chips and sodas to frozen pizzas. Of course, she needed help out to her car as her poor “little” kankles couldn’t support herself anymore. When we were going out to her car she mentioned that she was parked up front. She was parked in an old minivan in a handicapped spot no placard, nor special tag, but at this point in my retail career I never really said anything. I just silently judged the customer.

     When we got to her poor van, whose suspension was probably on its last days, I noticed the smell. When she opened the van door I saw what had to be a few dozen fast food wrappers littered all throughout the car; some with ketchup across the bag, as well as some rotting food that had fallen between the seats. I had to hold my breath to just get her groceries in her car because the smell was so horrendous.

     Dear lady; if you are out there and read this please make changes. You are selfish and quite arrogant. I am sure you have a family that loves you, and the way you looked that day you couldn’t have been more than a few good years from meeting your maker, and no the flying spaghetti monster is not real.