Retail is not always that bad. We often will make new friends, and acquaintances along out journey, and one instance of this was with Imogene. Imogene was one of those customers who was older, her husband had passed away a few years earlier and she of course was lonely. This meant that when she came into the store we would often drop whatever we had been working on in order to simply talk with her. We felt bad for her as she had no family in the area and rarely every left the house.

      I remember vividly the last time she came into the store. She came in barely able to walk, obviously not doing that well. We were worried about her, and in the back of my mind I just had that feeling that this may be the last time. I had a lot to do that day and was running behind, but I made an exception for her. We ended up talking for about twenty minutes, all while I was trying to rearrange some shelves. I made sure she knew I was listening and I was glad that she was there. We had become very friendly over the years, and as she left I asked to give her a hug.

     That was the last time any of us saw her as she passed away just a few days later. We all miss her, and some of us even went to her funeral. While I may joke around, and post horror stories on the site about all the negatives of working retail, it can be easy to forget the fact that you make life changing relationships, and meet wonderful people along the way. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to get to know Imogene beyond the normal introductions.

     I am interested to hear if you guys have anyone like Imogene in your store? Let me know below, and thanks for reading!