By Alexa H.


     You may have seen this one before because I have posted it to other websites before, but I had to share this with you Rex!

   One of the craziest women to ever walk into our showroom(I sell at the local nissan dealership) came in a few weeks ago, she’s 73 years old and carries her tiny little dog around with her at all times. This women I shit you not referred to herself and her dog in the third person the entire time I was with them. So anyway I go up to greet her (I love old people, easy sales), start asking her questions and showing her cars. Eventually she lands herself on 2000 buick from our used lot.

     So as we leave the dealership on the test drive I start to notice her dog fluffy has some kind of intestinal bowel stomach problem or something that causes it to fart constantly, like every few minutes it would just rip a giant one. I began to wonder wtf she was feeding this dog because it was becoming unbearable. To make matters worse the entire time we are riding around the block she keeps asking her dog how he likes the car, then agrees with or refutes the dogs supposed answer.

     I suppose the dog liked the car because she ended up writing a check for it and leaving, never to be seen again… or so I thought. The very next day she arrives, new buick and fluffy in hand, “Tyler, fluffy likes to drive in a car with keyless entry”, *uh* “Ok sure I can have keyless entry installed on your vehicle for like 150-200$ is that ok with you?” “No I would prefer to just trade this in on a new altima” “duuurrrrr ok”. So she trades in the buick on a brand new altima 4cyl (with keyless entry) she took a 7000 hit doing this but I don’t care its just more money for me.

     Again she drives off into the sunset, new car and farting dog in toe hopefully this time she will stay away. No such luck. A few days later she’s back in the dealership, apparently fluffy would prefer to ride in a v6 altima with leather and a sunroof. Well according to florida state law we cant sell her another vehicle for another 9 months, I tell her this and she gets highly upset and leaves… finally. Later that day the lincoln dealership called me to verify if the altima deal had been funded yet or not.