Okay, so I let me just say that I drive a piece of junk to work because I know how lazy customers can be when it comes to returning their carts to the store. Well on the 30th of April I was leaving the store to notice that my front bumper had a basketball sized dent from where someone backed into my car.

     The person who hit my car drove off without leaving a note, so I checked our security cameras, (only one actually covers a tiny bit of the parking lot where I parked) I realized that the woman who hit my car is actually one of our annoying coupon and raincheck customers. So next time she comes in I will be having a little talk with her and calling the police on her.

     That said exactly 7 days later on May 7th my car was hit again, in the same damn spot, on the same damn bumper. It happened as we were closing the store. I had just pulled the tills and had a middle aged man and woman knock on my door. I told them that we were closed already to which the responded that they needed to speak to the owner of the Nissan Maxima, to which I knew instantly that it was hit again. I had to lock up my drawers and close the store and immediately went outside.

     Turns out they were the parents and their daughter had come to return a Redbox movie, and as she was leaving slammed into my front bumper. Mind you this was exactly 7 days apart, in the same parking spot, on the same bumper. I talked with them and inspected the damage. The daughter who looked maybe 16-17 years old was crying and shaking. She was profusely proclaiming her sympathies and apologizing.

     I looked her in the eyes and told her that all was okay, the damage was not too bad, and she had done the right thing by calling her parents and getting ahold of me. I told her that I respected her decision to do the right thing and that there was no reason to get insurance involved. Her parents were very relieved, and her father gave me a little cash to pay for my dinner, to which I tried to refuse but he insisted.

     I could have been a jerk about it, but we all make mistakes, and it was an accident. She had done the right thing. I was so shocked that this young girl had done the right thing, that I overlooked the damage.

     If you are reading this I just wanted to say thank you for doing the right thing. You have a bright future ahead of yourself, and good luck!