I had not always worked in the grooming salon at PetSmart, Karen You can use your imagination. I also worked for a younger African American woman who we will name Loretta. These two put together made me question my morals, yet also wonder how to get away with murder.

   Karen was a cranky older woman probably in her mid-sixties, she was a lesbian and boy she was in the wrong career field. This woman should have been a damn drill sergeant!

Karen also had SBF or (Severe bitch Face) As did Loretta, but Karen was the assistant manager from hell that would scare customers and animals away.

   Karen only liked reptiles and hated all other animals. That was okay, as just about every animal that walked through our doors hated her. They would growl or bark as soon as they caught sight of this woman. Hell once a dog got loose and bit the crap out of her leg. (Best day EVER)  I always felt that was pretty telling of her personality.

Loretta the other trash of the store was a real piece of work. She was the type of person who would push off her job onto you that way she could sit in the office and catch up on Facebook.

Our Store manager was a woman we will name Sharon. Sharon for the longest time was wonderful to work with, but as time went on she became a nightmare to work with, and I would often wonder if her Master’s degree that was so proudly displayed in her office was actually printed out at Kinkos


I wanted to at least give you all a hint of these people personalities, as my next Petsmart story will heavily involve them, and will expand a bit more on why I feel the way I do.