When you work in retail for any amount of time you begin to see some trends with your coworkers. They usually fall into one or more groups, and really it can be pretty interesting evaluating your coworkers in this view. Here are a few types of coworkers I have noticed over the years.

     The Over Achiever: This is the guy who usually has a Ton of “flair” on or, is constantly telling coworkers that working extra each day is great. They are usually really popular with upper management, and not so much with everyone else. Often can be found within a few feet of the managers and at times may be kissing their butts.

     The “Over-Educated” This is the type of employee who is constantly reminding you of their various degrees, or IQ when in fact we all know that a Bachelors in liberal arts is not what you think it is worth Frank! They are just like the rest of us but feel compelled to remind everyone how much more superior they are compared to us common folk.

     The Quiet One: Not much to say about this type. They always keep to themselves. They are polite but never speak of their personal life. Did they escape here after murdering a family of three? We will never know because they simply refuse to talk!

     Ms. No-Show: Usually a younger person with little ambitions in life. Do they still even work here? Sometimes they show us for a few hours only to go home early to feeling ill, while other times they simply never show up. We all hate them but secretly loathe them.

     The Ambitious One: This is the new cashier that immediately has ideas about how to change the store. They think they will be running the store in a year or less and will be CEO of the company in just a few years. They can be optimistic, and usually, overall fun to work with, until they realize they are also in a dead end job and their ambitions crumble. Watch out if they start buying a lot of gun magazines or start listening to a lot of heavy metal.

     The College Student: Usually seen in the break room studying on their lunch breaks, often need a “safe place” to talk openly about their feelings, and constantly want gratification that the work they are doing is good. Many of them are great people, but you have to wonder to yourself if they are going to make it through college or not let alone the adult world.

     The College Drop Out: A bit like the previous one, except that they are always talking about “When I was in college we did…” Very annoying, and we all know they dropped out with a big old smile on their face.

     Lastly but not least we have the Every Day Hard Working Person. This is both the most optimistic, and depressing type of retail employee. A bit depressing because they have accepted their dead end jobs, and simply hope to get by, and maybe just maybe get that promotion to department manager in a few years. However, they are often the best type of people to work with because they also understand the struggle of working in retail, and are the type of person who you can talk to. They can be great friends both inside and outside of work, and overall really great type of employee.