Here is another retail horror story giving you all the perspective of an employee.

 So When I woke up today I already knew it was going to be a rough day. This was because on top of my already scheduled shift, I needed to get to the store early, as well as stay two hours late. We are getting ready for a very big visit to our district, and thus we are likely to be visited.

     Well, the morning started off a bit slower than usual, and I was able to get quite a bit done. Everything started falling apart after I transported our deposit to the bank around 10 AM. To start out I had a customer come into the store with her children and she let the roam the store knocking stuff off the shelves and opening packages. Dear customers, please watch your fucking hellspawn children, a store is not a daycare, and I will call you out on your mothering skills if needed. Shortly after that customer left, and my cashier and I were casually joking about it a family walks in wanting passport photos. No big deal I think, so I go ahead and tell my cashier I will handle it that way she can keep an eye out for customers, and watch my registers.

     For those of you who do not know CVS is not a professional photo studio. We are given very cheap ($30) digital cameras, and about ten minutes to learn how to take a passport photo. Well this customer was African American and with very dark skin. I have done it a hundred times before, so I snap two photos and know that I will edit the brightness and contrast settings on our kiosks. Well the man’s wife demands to see the photo before I even put the memory card into the machine, and says that they are too dark and to retake them. I ended up having to take the man’s photo seven times! I told her multiple times that we do the editing on the kiosk, and was getting to the point of telling her she needed to go elsewhere. She insisted that I needed to make the camera flash once before and once after the photo was taken to ensure it was bright enough. I couldn’t even begin to fathom her reasoning, so for the last photo I took the photo as normal, it flashed; then I placed the button half way down to make it flash again.

     This second photo was darker than a couple other that I had already taken, but when she looked at she seemed happy, and proceeded to tell me that she knew what she was talking about, and that I should have just listened to her earlier. Finally I was done with horrible customer number 2 for the day. Albeit I ended up waiting half an hour taking photos, but who cares, I’m an hourly employee.

     Shortly after my cashier and I’s lunchbreak came horrible customer number three. My mother always told me that bad things come in threes, so really I guess I should have expected it by this point. You see horrible customer number three was a middle aged Caucasian woman who was that typical newbie couponer. She felt entitled to leave the store without paying a dime. She was quite bothersome, and loud throughout her shopping trip. She would walk through the store talking on her speakerphone (which is a whole other story for the near future) and overall she was just making a mess. Picking up what seemed to be every single item in the store only to leave it on the floor, or on some other random aisle.

     Well eventually horrible customer number three goes to check out. When she does I am immediately called up front my cashier She was not even two items into being rung up when she is already proclaiming that we are overcharging her on some cleaning products. I go through the steps to make sure my cashier scanned her loyalty card, and since everything looks okay I told the customer that I needed to go ahead and check our price label. She acted as if she was so offended that I did not take her word that  normal $15 dollar cleaner was 2 for $5 mind you this is not us trying to be hard, but instead company policy as customers could simply say the price is lower and by mistaken or lying. Well I check the location and the sale sticker that was on a shelf below just an hour before was moved to the item she was wanting. No way to prove it was her, so I go ahead and give her the items 2 for $5 I made not of the transaction number so I could explain it later. Not even two minutes later I get called up about another item. Again same problem, but this time she follows me to the location where she found the items; they have clearly been place in the wrong spot. A $20 container of vitamins is not going to go on sale for $1.98. Same problem, I have no proof so tell my cashier to override the charge, and I have to approve the register. Well then she starts with her coupons. A 20% off coupon, but these coupons do not work on sale items. She ended up calling corporate right there at the register even after I showed her the policy as well as the fine print on the coupon. Corporate agrees with me.

     After all of this her total before markdowns and coupons was $97+ while after her coupons her total was right over $7.

     Well horrible customer number three still was not happy with her total and insisted we did something wrong. We had to go through each and every item and coupon twice, before she insisted we take it all off and start over. So reluctantly we did go ahead and void the transaction and start over.  After re-ringing everything up, modifying the prices, and scanning all of her coupons again the total was the same. She insists we do it again, and I tell her quite simply no. She had taken up far too much of the time in which we could have been assisting other customers. Of course I did not tell her this, but explained that everything was correct and tried to prove it all by showing once again the transaction details. Finally she realizes that it was because of her 20% off coupon and agrees to go ahead and pay.

     When paying her card ended up being declined, to which she immediately insists that her card being declined is our fault. I try it again, only to get the same result. So then she wants to try another register. I only had two registers open, as it was only the cashier and myself. My cashier was checking out people in line, and she had another four people waiting to checkout. I told her that the other registers were closed and had no money in them to try. This self-entitled horrible customer insists that since she has been there for nearly an hour that she would get to cut in line and go before everyone who had been waiting because of her! I tell her that is not going to happen as they have been waiting patiently, but that there is an ATM in the store where she could check her balance or pull out cash instead.

     So she goes over to the ATM and tried to pull out cash, only for it to be declined. I know this because it makes an audible sound when declined. Who does she blame for this? You guessed it us! She said that every time we rung stuff up it must have charged her account. (mind you she never slid her card until the very last time which was when it was originally declined) I tell her that we never slid her card, and that unfortunately she would either need to pay or leave.

     She ended up going out to her car looking for change but only managed to find a couple of dollars’ worth but insisted that we just cover the difference because of her trouble (yeah right lady, the trouble was because of YOU)

In the end I told her politely that I could not do that and that payment was required or she would need to come back later. She stormed off in a big fit, but thankfully it was over.

Now you know what it is like to live a day as a retail employee… Do yourself a favor and never work retail!