This is a contribution by Nick W from New York, who was inspired by my last entry on Monday about my top ten returns in retail, enjoy!

Have you ever heard of the Walmart game? You know the one where you buy a whole bunch of really unusual stuff to just make the cashier go “what the hell are they doing?” Well as I have worked at retail stores for the last six years I have seen some pretty good ones. Here are a few of my favorite.


Location: CVS

Items: Horseradish, sleeping pills, a Trojan touch vibrator, and an enema bag.


Location: Walmart

Items: the largest banana I had ever seen, a box of Magnum condoms, and petroleum jelly. (Must have been one hell of a party)


Location: Walmart

Items: An entire cart full beer, a sympathy card (death of relative), and a lawn gnome. (really how the hell does this even happen?)


Location: Walmart

Items: Rubbermaid totes x3, an electric saw, a shovel, bleach, lye, and industrial black trash bags.


Location: CVS

Items: Black eyeliner, a douche, Evanescence album, and lastly Bright pink lace panties.