Something we have all dealt with at some part of our time working in retail is a here or there. Here is a list of the top ten crazy returns that I have dealt with while working in retail over the years.

10. A Three-Year-Old Pair of Shoes.

     A customer once wanted to return a three-year-old pair of shoes while I was working at Walmart. He had kept the receipt the entire time, and said that there were falling apart. The worst thing about it was that my manager at the time actually wanted me to return them. I refused.

9. Half Bag of Used Adult Diapers.

     Another incident of my time while I was working for Walmart. Because they were a store brand we were allowed to return them, but she did not understand that she did NOT need to bring in the used ones to “show” us that they leaked. Nor did she need to place the trash bag containing them directly on my counter.

8. Stolen Beer.

     This has happened both at Walmart as well as CVS. We often get teenagers come in and run out with a case of beer. I would say that this happens about every month or so. Well not just once, but twice now I have had the teenagers come back to the store to return the beer because they bought the wrong ones. Not only can neither store return beer without a receipt, but we remember you and we do call the police.

7. Used Condoms

    Happens at CVS at least once a month, but sometimes we may even have it happen twice in the same week. Sometimes people will bring in a used condom with a receipt and ask for their money back. On more than one occasion I have had someone bring it in and then leave it on the counter. I have had to kick people out. While on one occasion I even told a customer to buy a smaller size, so it didn’t slip off. Talk about a way to make someone compensate.

6. Used Pregnancy Test

     I have actually had a woman try to return a used positive pregnancy test, because she claimed that she could not be pregnant because of her boyfriends, yes as in plural always use condoms. I actually congratulated her and told her that I could not return the item, but would be glad to show her our CVS brand prenatal vitamins.

5. Cigarettes

     I love it when a customer has the audacity to lie right in my face. This happened at CVS awhile back. This is also long after CVS stopped selling tobacco, and I had a customer come into my store with a carton of cigarettes wanting a refund. Of course, there was no receipt and he proclaimed that he had purchased them the day before. I had the privilege to tell him that he was wrong as CVS had stopped selling tobacco more than a year ago. He then asked me if he could get store credit…

4. A Competitors Brand Vitamin

     Here is another return from my time working for CVS. I once had a customer try to return a Walgreens brand bottle of vitamins to our store. She even had a receipt and everything. I told her that she was at CVS and she did not care, she demanded a refund. I ended up having to call the Walgreens manager across the street to talk some sense into her. She seriously thought we were the same company, and that she could return a Walgreens product at CVS. She also ended up calling corporate on me and was given a $20 CVS gift card. I wonder if she tried to use it at Walgreens.

3. A Bottle of Laundry Soap Replaced with Water

     There is a reason we have to open item when doing returns, and this is a great example. Surprisingly it is also very common. Come customers will buy expensive shampoos or laundry detergents and either water it down or empty the container completely and refill it with water. This happened at least once a week when I worked at Walmart, and more often than not if the customer claimed that they “bought it that way” we were forced to issue a full refund.

2. Coupons

     Another reason why I despise extreme couponer who does not have it all together is because sometimes they will claim that they forgot to give us a coupon. Most companies would simply say oh well to the customer, but depending on the day and the district manager’s attitude that week. We may be asked to do a refund to the customer for not using a coupon that they themselves forgot to give us. What a world we live in.

1. A live Puppy.

     Yup, you read that right. This was not at Petsmart, but actually when I worked for Walmart. We once had a customer who had bought a puppy for $200 in our parking lot from some guy in a truck and thought that because the sale occurred on our property that we were responsible for the animal. She wanted a refund as well as Walmart to cover the damages to her carpet and furniture that the dog had made a mess of. Sometimes I really wonder that our society is slowly getting closer and closer to the movie Idiocracy.