So today was a really bad day at work for me. It turns out you can pretty much steal anything you want at CVS and get away with it.

               I had a customer come in last week clearly high on something, she was dirty and pretty young looking (albeit rough looking as well) I actually caught her stealing a bunch of makeup, but because I lost eye contact for a split second I was unable to confront her or stop her as she was leaving the store. Well guess who came in today wanting to return over $150 of new makeup with no receipt? If you guessed tweaker then ding ding ding; you’re right. She comes in with her “boyfriend” who is a real winner, tattoos all across his neck, about 6 foot 2 inches and a teardrop tattooed under his left eye.

               Tweaker come in and wanted to peak to a manager, which unfortunately happened to be me. She proceeded to pull out a small cosmetic bag from her purse with all of the stolen merchandise and proclaims that she wants to return it all. I ask her for receipt to which she replies no, and that CVS is obligated to accept cosmetic returns even without a receipt. Normally this is correct but it is up to manager discretion when it comes to suspected theft.

               I tell her that I need a receipt despite what the online policy states because of loss prevention reasons and she gets mad but says she bought the makeup from a neighboring towns store. I tell her I can call that store to have them perform a receipt lookup, and suddenly she starts telling me that it could be any one of the stores within 5 other towns all ranging from 10+ miles to 30+ miles!

               At this point I know it is stolen, because I watched her steal it, I cannot simply state that however and tell her that I cannot return it without the receipt and that she will have go back to the store she purchased it from in order for them to lookup the receipt. I also tell her that she should look on her bank statement to figure out what store it was J

Well immediately after she leaves I watch her get in her car and go across the street to Walgreens. So I call up that store manager who thankfully was working and let him aware of the situation. He actually kicked them out of the store and told them not to return, and that he was sick of people like them. He was thankful. I knew that if they were going to try it again then it would be at my other CVS store only a few miles away so I went ahead and called them up to let them know out prince charming and little miss paint huffer. Again that manager was grateful and also said that thy were currently in line.

               Well about 30 minutes goes by when I get an email from my regional loss prevention manager wanting to know why I did not simply accept the return. Although I told hr I knew it was stolen, she still was mad, and worried about getting sued!!! She ends up telling me that she is sending me some mandatory retraining over refunds, and while I am looking over it all I notice the policy about beauty products, but I also notice where it states that management had the right to refuse a refund or accept a refund for reasons regarding shrink, or customer service. So in the end I simply copy and pasted the line about refusing a return over suspected shrink and put in in quotations and sent it right back to the loss prevention manager. I then closed up and said screw it.

               Really CVS I am going to get in trouble for SAVING your company a double hit! It is bad enough This new loss prevention manager will not let us stop thieves, but now they can return the merchandise after calling corporate? Not in my book. I will do the morally right thing, I am not going to stand by and let that crap go down in my store!