So here is a retail story about Petsmart grooming salon. After working as a bather for Petsmart for awhile I had the hang of things. However, we had just hired this new bather who we shall name Natali for the purpose of this story. Natali was the kind of girl who is overly dramatic and tended to get on people nerves for being needy and a little slow. She was not really slow, but instead often attempted to play the dumb blonde, although she was actually brown haired. She was 19, and about 5 feet and say 4 inches give or take.

   Well, one day Natali was learning how to do the anal glands on a dog, and I had the perfect dog to teach her. A small little Yorkie about 3 years old. I showed her where to stand and where to apply pressure and I did it myself. Well, I go about my day and about an hour or so later she tells me that she is taking this little Shih-Tzu and is going to do the work and bathe it. Well, I was supposed to be watching her for the first two weeks and had a little free time so I watched her clip the nails, and trim up the hair around the feet.

   Next was the anal glands, teeth brushing and the bath. I followed her into our back room which was essentially a concrete room with specially built bathtubs that stood up about 3.5 feet off the ground so that you could easily maneuver around the dog.

   Natali started to brush the dog’s teeth and did a pretty good job. Around this time I am getting called up to the front to help a customer with checking in a dog. I tell Natali to hold on and that I will be right back, but to wait for me to get back.

   I had just made it to the front of the store and began my hellos and welcomes to the customer waiting up front when all of a sudden I hear a loud AHHHHHHH!!!!!! and a lot of something like this. “YOU STUPID ******* DOG AND THIS ******* JOB I DON’T NEED THIS ****!!!!!!” The next thing I see as I am looking back is Natali running from our back room through our lobby with a thick brown and green goop all over her face, neck, and uniform. Let me tell you the smell of anal glands is MUCH worse then dog poo. She was about to cry and scream at the same time. She was yelling and screaming, while she was walking through our lobby. The customer we had up front ended up throwing up right there on the lobby floor, while her little Chihuahua began happily eating her owner’s previous lunch. The dogs are going crazy, and everyone is either gagging or laughing so hard that their faces were about as red as it got. I managed to call over the intercom for our store manager to come back to the salon, and when she got back there she saw the mess on the floor. Vomit, and drips of dog anal glands all over our floor, along with a sick customer, who still hadn’t attempted to stop their dog from eating the vomit splurged all over our lobby.

   Well, our store manager had this look of horror on her poor face as if she had just witnessed some horrible murder. her face was as white as it could get. I thought she was going to pass out, but instead, she ended up running out of there in a mad dash to the ladies room. She made it about fifteen feet out of our lobby before she ended up getting sick in the middle of an aisle. This was a nightmare. The only thing I can imagine that would have been any worse is a tipped over portapotty.

   When Natali finally made it back to our salon she was screaming that she quit and that it just exploded everywhere. Well turns out what happened is that she did not listen and decided to go ahead and do the anal glands. However this Shih-Tzu was 9 years old, and I guess it just wasn’t coming out. So what did she do other than bend down and get within about a foot of the dog’s butt, as she began to squeeze. So when it finally came out it came out like a volcano. It spurted out of there like Taco Bell Tuesdays!

   What ended up happening is we actually had to close down the salon and cancel the remaining appointments for the day. Typically a big no, no. However, the store manager was not about to have some poor cashier come and clean it up for their mere $8.00 an hour. She had to call in a cleaning team to come and get it all cleaned up. Natali tried to quit, but her mother ended up coming in the store and told her that if she wanted to continue living at home with her and her step dad then she must have a job and that it had taken her months to find this one. She ended up working there for about a year, although she transferred to the front store and it was always something we would talk about, even if she did give us that evil brown eye!