I really wonder when the phrase “the customer is always right” began. This is primarily because I want to go back to whoever started this and sucker punch them back a century or two. Let me start off by saying that if this were ever true, it certainly is not today. If the customer was always right then why would employees exist? If they know everything and are always right then the need for managers would be nonexistent. Let me give you a couple examples of why the customer is NOT always right.

   1. Customers fail to read the small print on coupons. This happens very often especially on makeup, soap, or laundry products. For instance, a $0.50 coupon for Palmolive 22 OZ is NOT valid on the 10 OZ bottle.

   2. Customers frequently misread signs. Our sale signs are very clear and easy to read. You must have an ExtraCare card in order to receive the sale. Just because you throw out “the sign did not say that” does not mean you are right. The signs are all preprinted with that on them when they come to our store. The same goes for when a sign reads “Spend $20 get $5.00 ExtraBucks LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER” This does not mean you can use different cards and expect us to give you the ExtraBucks.

   3. When a customer claims that the price was different on the shelf. I hear this one a lot every single day. This is not because our labels are wrong, this is because a customer often sees something similar or nearby on sale and assume that the item they are purchasing is also on sale. Just because the store brand is on sale does not mean the name brand is too.

   4. Telling me the customer is always right does not mean I am going to take you three-month expired coupon. Under no circumstances will I take it. Call corporate on me. See if I care. I will even show you our policy book.

   5. I love it when customers tell me that we did something for them last time when I can look on their account and read notes about how they tried it and were denied. I really love it when they tell me the whole customer is always right especially because I can show them the notes on file and tell them to pay or leave.

     Customers simply are not always right.  If this were true many companies would be unable to turn a profit. There are too many dumb customers and untruthful people in the world. So customers listen up, and if you do not like company policies then shop elsewhere.