Understandable CVS and Walgreens are often mixed up. They are both pharmacy stores with a front end riddled with sales. I work at CVS and our sales are often opposite of what Walgreen’s sales are. For instance, if Walgreens has Coke on sale, we often have Pepsi on sale. Despite what many believe this is actually very beneficial to both companies and is often the reason why they are built across from each other. What drives me crazy is when customers come into the store; you know the one with the giant neon “CVS” sign on the front, as well as the dozens of signs throughout the store and still think they are at Walgreens. This is about one of those customers.

   I had just come back from lunch and therefore I was getting ready to start collecting registers when I got a call from my cashier at the front stating that he really needed some help up front. In my mind, I am thinking that maybe he has a bit of a line, or maybe a couponer was up front and that he needed an override. Instead, when I get up there I see a little old lady who is clearly upset. I make my way around the corner when this little silver haired warrior immediately let me have it. I did not even have the chance to ask what was wrong when she started yelling that I need to fire my cashier for not giving her the sale price. I let her scream at me for a few moments before I asked her what she bought that was supposed to be on sale. She being her snippy little self immediately pulled out a couple bottle of shampoo, as well as pointing to her diet coke. I had a feeling that they were our last week’s sale, and that they were now on sale at Walgreens, so I pulled out one of my sales ads and showed her that the items were not on sale, but in fact that they were on sale at Walgreens. This little old lady who could not have weighed more than 85 pounds screamed at me “DO YOU THINK I AM STUPID” to which I replied that I did not think she was stupid, but that she was at CVS not at Walgreens. She went on to tell me that they are the same and that they are owned by the same company, which is not true.

   At this point, my cashier was working hard on the line that had formed behind this lady, and although I wanted to just be done with this lady; I offered to return her items so that she could go across the street and get her sale prices. She refused and demanded that I go ahead and give her the sale price. I had offered her a refund, she was blocking my line, so finally I told her that if she does not want a refund then there is nothing I can do for her and that she needed to step aside so I could cater to the other customers behind her. This set her off and she started yelling in front of customers and my cashier and I that we had no respect for the elderly and that we should have just given her the price. At this time a middle-aged man in the line screamed at her “YOU’RE AT THE WRONG DAMN STORE LADY!” “He offered you a refund and has been helpful so either take it or get out.” She turned to me and started telling me that I needed to have him removed from the building, at this point I am trying to hold back the flood of laughter that is about to burst, and I told her I am sorry mam but if you do not want the refund than I cannot help you, “Then looked at the line, and said “Next person please.”

   I tried to help this lady out, I went above and beyond, but I could not break company policy and give her a nonexistent sale price. Just goes to show that working in retail has those days worse than others.