Like many of you, I am a college student. Specifically, I am double majoring in organic chemistry and biology. I also maintain my work schedule of working full time each week to pay my way through college as best as possible. We all hear people talk about how hard it is to maintain grades in college while working a job, but let us go ahead and look at what it really means in a bit more depth.

               An average semester for me is anywhere from 15-22 credit hours. Traditionally for every credit hour, you take, you should study for about three hours outside of the classroom. So at a minimum, I need to study 45 hours a week to maintain my good performance. This is on top of the twenty hours I spend on campus in class. SO at a minimum, I am spending 65 hours a week just on my educational obligations.

               Next, we think about work. Working full time at a minimum is considered 33 hours a week. However, many of us are in the 38-40 hours a week range. So at a minimum of 33 hours a week for work, on top of the 65 hours on my educational obligations, I am using up 98 hours a week. Take into account that a week is only 168 hours long and I am left 70 hours for the week to do things such as sleeping, eating, showering, having friends, and doing chores. This, in turn, means that I have ten hours a day to what many people fail to even realize takes time. This includes doing laundry or keeping the house clean. Take into account that sleeping takes up a minimum of six hours a night and really I am left with four hours a day to be human.

               This is why I have decided to make a drastic change in the way I approach my time. I need to be able to have time to do chores, study, or be with family without having to schedule three weeks in advance a vacation day. The only way for me to not have to do a seven-day schedule is to maintain my working hours but reduce the number of days I work.

Starting next month I am going to start working two to three double shifts a week in order to get my hours in. By working two or three 14 hour days I can get my hours in and still only work three days a week. Three days a week plus my two on campus leaves me with two days a week that I can actually focus on studying, appointments, and generally having a life outside of work and college.

                  Many of my friends, family, and even fans have called me crazy for even considering doing this, but I think that in the end doing this is really my only option. I cannot continue to go months on end without having a single day off. I know that doing this is going to be challenging, but I hope by doing this I can improve my life.

                 I am curious as to what you all think. Feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below, or by using @retailblogsite on twitter!

Until next time, – Rex