If you work in retail, then it is pretty common to have a certain disdain


towards shoplifters. In a sense, we almost feel as if they are stealing from ourselves. Well in my store we have had a problem with people stealing the weight loss pills Ally, and a few drug tests. The problem here is that it is reoccurring. Usually over the weekend after we have finished our trucks. Because both of these items are in the department that I manage, and a lack of help from our loss prevention department I decided to try something new.

     First I begin by taking clear packing tape and covering every inch of the box. I will go completely around the box, that way it cannot be simply opened to remove the contents. This immediately started working, as I am proud to say that I have not had any of the $70 bottles of Ally taken in the last month. Next I began to actually put these lovely signs up in our restrooms by our trashcans.

(They didn’t stay up very long, but I thought they were cute)

     Overall by simply going around the packages with tape I have almost completely eliminated theft on those two items. I plan on doing this with some other merchandise as well, such as our more expensive vitamins that are stolen frequently.

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     – Rex