My biggest mistake in retail.

     So this week I made the biggest mistake of my career in retail. I lost the key to our safe. Thankfully it is a really easy fix, but we do have to get the locking mechanism replaced, which is an expense to our store. I really do not even know how it happened. I have been in a fog like state the last few days. I am there, but I am not at the same time. I guess the best way to describe it is like sleep walking. I watched the surveillance tapes of me putting the key in my pocket, but I could not remember it. I had to call my store manager at 10:15 at night to come to the store when she was set to be on a plane at 3:00 am in the morning.

     Overall this is the worst retail mistake I have ever made, followed closely by the time I looked at the schedule wrong. I was supposed to open the store at 8:00 am. I looked the night before, thinking I worked at 3:00 PM Well I ended up sleeping in and did not wake up until after 10:00 in the morning. That was a big fiasco. These last few months I have been making mistakes I normally would never make, kind of makes me worried at times.