Maybe the reason I have always ended up as a trainer for every job I have held is because I actually do the job I am hired to do. I mean it, I am one of those that understands that this retail gig is just a temporary job, but I still do my duties well. Unlike many of the little shits that get hired, that are around my age. I have now been the primary trainer for four jobs. I almost take that as a compliment, but instead I am constantly reminded of the fact that my greatest accomplishment thus far in my life is training well over a hundred idiots how to do basic jobs.

   Just a month after starting my first steady job (well one that the tax man knew of) I was given my first new hire to train. I remember the guy well his name was Michael, and he was a junior at my high school. At the time I was still a sophomore, I thought it was cool to be training someone that normally would never acknowledge let alone talk to me at school. The guy was an asshole to put it lightly. I still  to this day have no idea what our HR member was thinking when she hired him. Well on the day he joined the “team” I was working the customer service desk. My store manager comes up to me and quite abruptly tells me that I am going to be training him and that I had payroll for one hour.

   “Well fuck” I think to myself,  so much for taking my lunch. I introduced myself, and the little bastard just replies “yeah I know”  I had no fucking clue what I was doing I just showed him the functions of the register and had him watch me a couple of times.

   Fast forward two years later and I had trained over 65 people while working for Walmart. Mind you I was a manager for the front, but my SM was so “comfortable in my training abilities” (whatever the hell that meant) that I ended up training for numerous positions including the deli, and stockroom.

   After I had left that hell I ended up working for another loving called Petsmart. You know I worked there for over a year and I still never found out if it is Pets Mart or Pet Smart. Anyway Part of the problem with training at this store was that every time I had to train someone my position was changed to whatever fit the position for whomever I was training for. SO one week I would be an operations manager, and the next week I could be a dog bather. (seriously fucked with my paychecks too) The stress of training for all the positions, as well as the inconsistent paychecks,  made me really want to just say “#FuckItIQuit” Although I ended up staying for awhile, I still get pretty salty over that. I learned a ton and using the skills I had learned in all of my previous experience definitely paid off financially when I found my next job at CVS.

   I have now been with CVS for just over a year. In that time I have trained twelve people. A much smaller number and that is because my wonderful SM comes to me for advice when hiring. I enjoy my position here and really enjoy the flexibility in my schedules. I also have enjoyed training here more than anywhere else, simply because I have a wonderful trainer myself. Currently, I am the preferred trainer, and I cannot word that any better. For example, when schedules are made if training a new hire is needed, my SM will always schedule me to be the trainer. Out of the thirteen people who have come to our store in the last year for training, I have trained twelve of them. I would have trained the other one if I had not been on vacation that week as well.

   I guess why I am writing this for today’s story is because I am training yet another newbie this week. Honestly, I am a bit excited for this one, because the woman has already been late for her interview, as well as missing her mandatory new hire class. She has even “accidently” hung up on me twice and the woman has yet to even come in for her first day. While most people would already look at her as a failure, I look at her as an interesting challenge. A middle-aged doesn’t give a single fuck challenge. This is the type of woman who strikes me as the stay on unemployment as long as possible type, and really I look forward to the challenge of taking her from that mindset and turning her into a great addition to the team.

   How do you all feel about training the new hires? Yeah some of them may be shit storms, but honestly, I really enjoy it. I really want to hear your stories, and confessions so send all the dirt you have to my twitter account @retailblogsite

   Until next time,

                            – Rex