Don’t you love going to work on your day off wearing normal clothing only to have someone ask you for help?

     This happens to me all the time, even when I am not at my store. I hate having  to go to my store on my day off but sometimes I will need something and with my discount going to my store is the obvious choice. However I could go into my work dressed in drag and I would still have people asking me for help.

     Towards the end of May when I was out looking for a new car I needed to stop in to pick up some paperwork and a copy of the schedule. As soon as I come in dressed quite well and not in uniform one of my cashiers starts asking me if she can go to lunch early. Umm… hello does it look like I am in my uniform? Go ask the manager on duty. What is really bad is when customers just recognize you and want to ask you for help when you are not even at your store. For instance I have actually had a customer come up to me when I was shopping at Ross, and start asking me if I could give her some rain checks for a sale that had expired a few weeks prior. Are you kidding me? What makes you think that I even remotely enjoy your company let alone would risk my job over you?

     Another big problem I have is when I have customers always telling me they would like to go hang out. Not even asking for a date or anything, but they thing that we would be great shopping buddies and that we should go “have fun” Look I don’t mind making friends, but if the same sentence you insist that I should let you use my discount card, or that I should use your expired coupons or other policy breaking demands than you can just go to hell.

In short, we are not your friend. We can be friendly, but we are not going to give you special favors just because you smile and ask for it. Sure we will go above and beyond to help you but you (the customer) are not worth our job security