As many of you know I worked for Walmart for over two years this was my first real job, and at the time I was happy. I was a high-school student, and I was happy to be experiencing my first steady income. Walmart for me was a starting point. Not only for my future in retail & grocery but because the inspiration for starting this website came from my last day with the company.

               Working for Walmart definitely has its pros and cons. I want to start out with the Pro’s first because this was my first experience with a job, and at the time I really had nothing to compare to. Now that I have had a few jobs, I can really look back and appreciate what Walmart can offer.

  • Flexible schedules.

        Having so many employees working in a single store means most store managers are very flexible with your schedule. This is a great job for students, or those looking for a               flexible job.

  • Great Co-workers

        One of my favorite things about working for Walmart was the wonderful lifelong connections I made with some of my co-workers. Most of the people you end up working with are and are in the same situation as you. Many are or struggling mothers or fathers.         You meet a lot of wonderful people.

  • Ease of Transfers

       While I never utilized this ability, I did know many of my co-workers who did. The ability to transfer to another Walmart store anywhere in the country is easy and fast. I had a co-              worker who requested for a transfer to Michigan as she was accepted to a college out there. Within three days the transfer was approved and a week later she was working at her new store.

  • They Hire Anyone

       This can be a pro and a con, but if you are looking for something temporary, or even a first job chances are that Walmart will hire you. This is great for those just entering the or re-entering after a gap period. The application and interview process is very simple and at the time of my hiring all it involved was an online quiz, and a friendly one-on-one interview consisting of a few simple and short questions.

  • Range of Jobs

        My favorite thing about Walmart is the different range of positions they offer and the paid training they offer to transition into a new role. I was hired as a cashier, and quickly became a CSM or (customer service manager). over my two I was offered positions in the company working for the Pharmacy, Vision Center, Gas Stations, Warehouse, and even as an assistant manager for a super center. While I never took them up on any of the offers,         the ability to easily change career while working for the same company was quite                       desirable

               Really that is all the pro’s I can think of even to this day. The co-workers being the best or worst part depending on your store. However, there are quite a few cons I can think of when it came to my time working for Walmart. First I will start off with the obvious, and then move on to the less obvious cons.

  • Poor Pay

Nobody working at the store level is making industry average. While average pay for cashiers was hovering around $8.80 an hour, we would generously start out our cashier as the high pay of $7.35 an hour. A full 10¢ above minimum wage. (which is a planned discussion for another day) The only people making a living wage at Walmart are upper management who consistently clocked in over 60 hours a week, as well as licensed pharmacists for obvious reasons.

  • Forced Credit Card Sign-Up Quotas

Really, guys, I am not joking when I say that I was constantly written up despite being the highest scoring manager simply because I refused to sign up customers for credit cards. At my, we had a quota of 7 successful sign-ups a week. I refused to tell people about our wonderful credit cards with a low 24% APR.

  • Safety is NOT Priority

       Within my first three months, I had witnessed three major workplace accidents that could have been prevented with proper training or safety precautions. One involved a cashier completely slicing her palm open because she was forced to work in the deli without any proper training. She had to have and was out of work for a couple of months. They had the deli back open less than two hours later!

  • No Communication Between Management.

       Once I had a question our refund policies that took two weeks to get an answer to. I ended up getting in trouble because I had a customer wanting to return shoes she bought at a            super center to my neighborhood market location. I tried to contact my immediate supervisor, as I had no training involving this particular instance of refunds. The assistant manager had no idea and told me to go ahead and process it, and two later we found out that I was not supposed to do this, and thus I was written up.

  • Inconsistent Policies

  • I guess this can tie into the poor communication category, but you know what the hell with it because this still pisses me off almost four years later. One day we would have a “policy” on our ad-match guidelines, and later that day with a new manager on duty it would be completely opposite. I cannot tell you how many times I was called into the office for “policy violations” only to find out the policy I had broken varied between our FIVE different managers! That is right I had a total of five managers all of whom had their own versions of the “right” way of doing things. Even the Deli manager could write me up if she wanted to, now in fairness, I could do the same to three of them, but having each other constantly bickering was a nightmare.

  • Always Working Holidays

        I do not mind double pay, but for the love of god give me at least one of the holidays we work off. The problem with working a holiday at Walmart aside from the obvious influx of customers was that you had to work the day before and the day after in order to actually get the double time. That meant that I was always busy during any holiday event.

  • They Change the Punches

        I know they do not get away with this anymore because of a lawsuit a few years back, but after a bit of I started keeping track of my hours down to the minute and comparing it to what was actually reported. On multiple, I found that would be changed. if I was supposed to get off at 11:00 PM and I had clocked out at 11:07 PM on my punch report I would see my time out had been switched to 11:00 PM. I even took my evidence to my store manager who refused to watch the footage, or change the time back!

                  Really I could go on for another couple pages, but I think my point has been made. Walmart is NOT a company to make a career out of, but instead, can be seen as a step in the right direction. The experience I gained working as a manager carries weight with me today. I am always using the patience I learned working the first of the month at Walmart on the busiest days to this day. If you are looking for temporary part-time employment Walmart may be for you, but if you are looking for something a bit more in lieu with industry standards then you should look elsewhere. Thank you all for reading this one and I plan on releasing another story this Friday. I have a good idea of what I am wanting to write about I just need to take the time to sit down and actually do so. Until then Have a great week

   –   Rex