A change in management

     As mentioned, recently our district went through a bit of restructuring. As a result, many of the store managers have been moved around.  Unfortunately, this meant that the best manager I had ever worked with was forced to leave the comforts of our own hell to be disemboweled at another store. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I like to think of it like buying a used car. Sometimes it is better to keep your old car because you know what the problems are. Whereas if you go to buy a used car you really have no idea what you are getting until ex-post facto.

    Well for those of you who do not already know I now only work Fridays through Sundays. I still maintain my full-time hours by working double shifts and having Monday through Thursday off allows me more time to focus on my educational goals, as well as other obligations. Essentially I am known as the weekend manager.  I do my job well, and ensure that everything is well handled over the weekends and ready for the upcoming week. I typically am responsible for tasks such as changing our sales stickers throughout the entire store, as well as performing a weekly count on my entire department and correcting any errors. This part of my job is called a Balance On Hand count or (BOH).

    For a typical week, I usually have to modify the counts on 20-25 items in my department Over The Counter (keep in mind that this is by far the largest department in the store) Well just two days before the manager change we received our truck delivery which was unusually large. When I came in for that weekend I noticed way too many holes in not only my department but throughout the store. On Sunday when I can actually perform the BOH count I began scanning and had a total of 83 holes that should have had product but did not. I checked the backroom to no avail and eventually discovered that our delivery manifest was completely wrong.  The delivery showed I was receiving products that had not been delivered, so in a panic, I began calling around to our district manager as well as out warehouse. The warehouse is closed as it is a Sunday, so I have to call our new manager. What a hell of a way to make an impression.

    Fast forward to that next Friday and once again I am in a dire panic from the first second I enter the building to start my shift. I immediately take notice that truck is still not completed and that the store itself is in horrible shape. There is merchandise on the floor, stuff piled in corners, and literally shit on the bathroom floor! After a couple minute walkthrough, I realized that the store is going to take some work to get back on track. Mind you I am not at all blaming the new store manager, but I do believe that some of the employees are taking advantage of the situation.

    One example is that Monday through Wednesday we really have no major task planned, so on these days we typically would do any planograms that need to be done, as well as our weekly merchandise out of date check. However, it seems that nothing was actually done during the week except for what the new store manager did herself. In fact, I applaud the new store manager, because although she was scheduled off Saturday and Sunday she still came in. This means she has already gone two full weeks without even a half day off. I am transferring stores here come January, not because of the change in management, but because I am moving colleges, and before I leave this store, I want to help her have a successful team. So I have already begun training my replacement, who is currently only a cashier. My hope is that when it comes time to hire or promote, she will see the value of the trainee and internally promote them instead of externally hiring a new employee.

    Overall the transition has been anything but smooth but given time I do believe that our new store manager will not only be successful at this store but that she will have a successful career in the company as a whole.