Welcome back everyone, Rex here and let me start out by stating that I am “under investigation” from CVS. Much easier to say than I originally thought. You see I have spent the last week trying to figure out how in the hell I was going to explain all of this without going into a blind rage and throwing my keyboard across the room or just rage quitting at work.


   As many of you know, I am a shift manager for CVS. I like to think that I do my job well, and thankfully I have customer service scores to back up that claim along with a perfect attendance record. I have been with the company for over a year now, and honestly, everything has been great up until a few months ago.

   We switched management and the transitionary period has not gone as smoothly as one would hope. In fact, one could even say that it has been a fucking nightmare. Nothing directly against the new management, but I believe the process was rushed which has caused tension within the entire district as many other stores were affected as well.

   However, that not exactly what I am bitching about today. For anyone that has for whatever reason never shopped at CVS let me fill you in on a very important little-known fact. If we are out of stock on anything that is on sale you can request a raincheck. Sure technically an employee is supposed to offer you a substitution first, but we more often than not we cannot refuse to issue a raincheck Not only can you request a raincheck, but they NEVER expire. The only policy that we as store level employees have to worry about when writing rainchecks is to make sure we follow any applicable limits often detailed in the weekly newspaper insert.

   That said I was working last Friday when I noticed that our Regional Loss Prevention manager along with someone I did not recognize came into the store shortly after I arrived. I was the manager on duty so I greeted them and let them into the office thinking that this visit was just like any other unexpected audit, or something else equally uneventful. About ten minutes later I noticed that our new store manager whom I will name Amber was in the store. She was scheduled to have the day off, and it is very unusual for her to be in the store on her day off without at least calling first.

   Well, Amber approaches me and tell me that The Loss Prevention manager had called her and told her she had ten minutes to get to the store and that they wanted to talk with me. At this point, I am freaking the fuck out because I just know that they discovered the website. In my mind, that was the only thing it could have been. So I went ahead and made my way to the office just knowing they had discovered I was behind RetailAnonymous

   As I approached the door and used my office key to enter my heart started beating out of my chest. I entered and Hellen the loss prevention manager (not her real name) and Ken a store manager in another district( also not his real name) were sitting on one side of the office, with an empty piece of junk plastic chair reminiscent of the kind of chairs you’d find in school sat on the other side of the office. I immediately know that this is something big and likely my last day.

   Hellen immediately asks me if I know why I was having this meeting and in my mind, I am thinking “RETAILANONYMOUS… THE WEBSITE…HOW DID THEY FIND OUT I WAS THE OWNER????” However, I keep it cool and chose to play dumb. I answered that I figured it was over some fraudulent coupons that slipped through a cashier recently while I was the manager on duty. Both Ken and Hellen seemed to laugh at my answer and assured me that coupons were not the problem, but in fact, that they needed to speak to me over something much more serious.

   Again in my mind, I am thinking about the website, at this point, it is fairly well known in our region, and I have tons of fellow CVS employees that follow and message me daily.  We had even talked about it previously on a conference call in which they told us to be on the lookout for anyone that mentions the website. I ended up playing dumb for a few more minutes because the website was the only thing that would call for a meeting. (Even though I have the company provided disclaimer on the site) I had prepared myself for the fallout since the conception of the website and had been careful upon setting up RetailAnonymous. I knew eventually though I would slip up, but thankfully this was not the case.

   Finally, Ken speaks up and says enough is enough and that this was my last chance to “fess up”. I tell him I have no idea what they are wanting from me, and that I have a lot of work to get back to. Hellen stops me and says “RAINCHECKS” I am thinking okay… rainchecks what the hell about them? She then pulls out a folder of which hid a raincheck that I claimed at another store two months prior for an oral care item that gave cash back in the form of ExtraBucks I am thinking at this point what is wrong? She immediately began about how I was “caught” and then proceeded to tell me what I already knew, I had used the raincheck at another store which is closer to my home, and when they wouldn’t honor giving back the extra bucks I returned the product so that I could redeem it at my store another day.

   At this point, I am really confused about the whole thing. All I have been shown is a very quick glance at this raincheck, and then she begins to tell me how the signatures on the raincheck where the cashier sign, and on my refund slip match. I know this is impossible because I had never and will never write my own rainchecks as that is immediate termination. Despite how much I truly despise the company I still am loyal and would never want to be canned. Especially not to save a few dollars. She hands it back over to me and tells me to take a closer look at it. Once I do I start laughing my ass off! This clearly pisses them off.


   The associate who wrote and signed the raincheck was someone who worked in the same store that I do and has a name starting with the same letter. She tells me “See the J’s match” I am laughing so hard at this point they both are clearly pissed off as well as confused. I then finally speak up and say “yeah the J’s are similar but did you even read the whole name”? Both Ken and Hellen look at me with confusion as I tell them, “ Read the whole signature, that is not even my name!” Clearly, they’re embarrassed as I had just made it blatantly obvious that they lack the skill to do an even basic job, but instead of letting their mistake be the end of everything they decided to push the matter further.

   Next, they started questioning me about some “suspicious transactions” I had made over the course of my entire employments. Seriously going back over a year! I explained to them yeah, I bought 10 bags of adult diapers back a few months ago. I was collecting donations. Yes, I had bought bulk amounts of tissues, and again they were for donations. Everyone in my district generally knows me in that regard. I am often asking coworkers to print a coupon or two online that way I can buy products to donate to a few different local charities. My family has always been active in the community, and that rubbed off on me even into adulthood.

   I am then told that I was seen with a stack of rainchecks at the store I had gone to in order to buy the oral care item and that I had multiple tips called into our employee theft hotline because of the rainchecks. I had nothing to hide, so I told them that I do in fact own a large collection of rainchecks (100+) that I have gained over the course of my employment. This gets them going like fireworks on fourth of July. I am sure that by this point Ken had a rent a cop boner raging in his pants because they thought they had me “caught” me like some burglar in the night. They were obviously excited over the fact that I had admitted to having rainchecks, and thus began the questioning.

   I ended up answering everything they had, and toward the end, they ask me why I have so many rainchecks. I tell them that because rainchecks never expire I can keep them for as long as I wash and in five or ten years when soda is ten dollars a pack or milk is $8.00 a gallon,  that I will still be able to receive my items at much lower prices. I told them that because I spend money here just as any other customer I had the option of taking rainchecks instead of substitutions. I told them I love working at the store because I get to see what we are out of and get my rainchecks on a weekly basis.

   This really pisses them off and they start their hour long discussion about how what I was doing was wrong because In the future when I claimed them I would be creating a loss for the company. They lecture me like a child being scolded for sneaking a cookie before bedtime. I am told that as an employee I am “held to a higher standard” than ordinary customers and that my job is to protect the company from loss. After being scolded and belittled for close to an hour I am getting pretty pissed off because they have yet to tell me what policies I have violated.

   I ask them for a copy of any policies I have allegedly broken, or violated, as well as any accompanying laws. Obviously, they could not produce any, as I had not broken any official or unofficial CVS policies nor state or federal laws. They again go on about how my job was to protect the company. I am furious at this point because they have already wasted an hour and a half of my time. Keep in mind that this is the holidays, and every minute counts. Hellen and Keith once again start down the same path, so I interject myself before we spend another hour on this, and state that my job is to provide the best possible customer service and that my record was exemplary. I had over 100+ positive surveys and less than 5 negative ones since my employment. I also had perfect attendance and a glowing annual evaluation. I also reminded them that I often go well above and beyond, by helping other stores, as well as going outside my job description to keep our store running. I am getting paid to be a shift, while I do the job of an operations manager.

   I once again informed them that I had not broken any policies or laws, to which they completely ignored for a few minutes prior to admitting that I had in fact not violated any CVS policies. Finally, Ken talks up and says that I’m in the “gray zone” and that while there are no policies about what I was doing that I had been abusing the privilege of rainchecks. Not to mention that I was “taking advantage” of my position with the store to benefit my own financial gain. Hellen then proceeded to ask me to guess how many rainchecks she had received over her 20+ years with the company. Knowing that she would not have asked me to answer unless it was obvious I state “let me guess none” She tells me with this dumbass grin on her face that I was right, and then asks if I know why.

   I think my answer clearly showed how done I was with this witch-hunt, but I loved every second of it. I told her “I guess because you love paying full price for shit that we clearly overcharge customers on, and that you’re just not that that bright a bulb.” This was the epitome of my employment at CVS everything that had built up over the last year from horrible customers to conflicting policies and lack of communication between management levels all came out in one perfectly described sentence.

   At this point over two and, a half hours had passed. They are furious, as am I. They had wasted precious time over a raincheck that was not my signature and then tried to go after me for something that broke no laws or policies. They both begin demanding that I stop requesting rainchecks and promise not to do it again. Essentially I told them to shove it where the sun don’t shine,I told them right out that that I would continue because I had every right to get rainchecks just as any other paying customer. The only difference was the amount of tie I spent in the store and thus the opportunities I had to request them

   Hellen then tried to tell me again that I am held to a “higher standard” than customers, and I replied with, “you are absolutely right, that is why I followed all policies and had a cashier verify we were out of stock and then write them for me.” Of course, my chunky dimpled ass had the biggest grin on my face while stating that. Hellen then goes to tell me that I am not the same as a customer because we are given a “discount card” I asked her if she meant the piece of plastic junk that is unusable when items are on already sale? Even items that are on sale for buy one get one 50% off are not eligible to receive discounts on when only purchasing one!

   I say this because as many of you know our discount card does not work on merchandise which is on sale, and I am totally fine with that.Truth be told I would feel kind of bad if we were allowed to double dip and use our discount on sale items What sucks about the CVS discount card is often their “sale” price is much worse than what we would actually get if we were able to use our discount card! Not to mention that at any given time we will have anywhere from 18-24 thousand items on sale in our stores. For those that work or have worked at CVS, many find out that the “discount card” is often useless, and we often pay the same price as everyone else.

   In the end, I tell them both that I need to know how this is ending. If this is a write-up or termination. Either of which I truly did not care about. I told them that CVS is a job for me, not a career that I am a student for a reason. I told them that I am choosing to better my life with an education that way I was not stuck in a place like this for 20+ years like Hellen. I also explained that I had never called in, been late, or been in trouble prior to them showing up. I told them that at this point that I did not care what happened and that I was pissed that they would even try to make a big deal over something that was within my rights as an employee. Not to mention that if they had actually done their job in the first place and properly compared the signatures that my time as well as theirs would not have been wasted.

   I am told that I am still under “formal investigation”, and that they will be going back through all of my transactions since my employment. I am also told that I will not hear anything until the next week (Currently this week). I leave and go back to work and finish the rest of the day pissed off about the whole thing. Three and a half hours were gone because they cannot do their fucking jobs, and when called out want to start a witch-hunt


 Many of you that have read this far are probably wondering why in the holy fuck I would publish this, as even with the names changed it is pretty self-evident to our managers as to who I am. Well, the answers are the same that I gave Helen and Ken. I had been a wonderful employee, had the 3’rd best customer service scores in the entire region, and I have always come in on days off when needed. I have other methods of income, and great references for my resume should I decide (or forced into) going elsewhere.

   So Hellen, if you are reading this and I know you are; learn to do your fucking job, and stop harassing employees that have perfect records. If you want a fight you will get one. As I sure as hell am not going down without one. I’ve sweat blood for this company as well as this store and will no longer sit back and do nothing. I have done nothing wrong, and you are simply trying to fuck me over because I embarrassed you. If you want to fight dirty, then I shall reciprocate the favor.

   – Rex