After what will likely go down as one of the longest months of my life I can now say that we are in our new home. We closed on Monday morning, and this whole process of moving (especially the haggling) has really gotten me to think about all the customers I experience at work that tend to be particularly difficult.

   One of those customers is a middle-aged Latin American woman who always comes in with an umbrella. I guess this woman does not understand that buying cereal and cold medicine is not like going to an estate sale or buying a car. As a store we have set prices, we cannot haggle with you. I swear this woman should have been featured on one of those ‘Extreme Cheapskate’ television shows that were so popular a few years back.  She is the type of woman who demands we reduce the price is the packaging is ever so slightly scratched, or demand that we match the price of Walmart or some other competitor.

   I as well as another manager have had to explain to her multiple times that we cannot simply change the price to please her, still every week she comes in and tries.

   Another type of problem customer I encounter quite often are the ones who insist you break policy or they are going to (Insert competitor here). I seriously get this at least once or twice a week. In fact just last week before starting my vacation I had a customer come in after the pharmacy was closed and demand that I open it to get her prescription because she “called and told them she would be late” I tried to explain to her that the only people with keys or alarm codes to the pharmacy were the pharmacists, and not even the store manager could get in after hours.  Yet the bitch was still insisting that I was lying to her and that I just did not want to help her.

   She ended up leaving the store a few minutes later knocking stuff off the shelves as she left proclaiming that she was never coming back and was going to Walgreens instead. Me being my snarky pissed off self immediately yelled back that she would have to wait until tomorrow anyway because our store would have to transfer the prescription. Yeah, I can be sassy too.

   I seriously think that these self-entitled asshole customers thing that we are going to drop everything and say “absolutely, your business is vital to us and we would love to break policy in order to make you happy.” In reality, everyone who works in retail that has dealt with a customer like this has likely had the same thought. “Yeah get the hell out of here, like your piddly ass is going to make or break this store. Go screw yourself, and goodbye.”

   I must say sitting in my new house, is quite nice. Now that everything is back on track content scheduling should go back to normal on 10/03/2016