Working at Petsmart was quite the experience. Were it not for my store’s inexperienced management team I think I could have stayed on for a bit longer. None the less I did witness quite a few interesting encounters with customers on more than one occasion.

   The guy with the Man-Puppy-Slave

   One day while working a big burly man came into the store with a younger guy crawling on his hands and knees wearing a mask that made him look like a puppy dog. Not only was the guy walking on all fours, but the older and larger man was walking him on a leather leash. The younger (puppy slave) had one of those thick leather studded collars we sold in the store. Thank god this “puppy” did not potty on the floor! This explains the weekly occurrence of catching people trying on dog collars. My innocent mind just assumed their dog’s necks were about the same time until that night! I found a photo online ( )posted below to give you all an idea of what it looked like!


   The Pet Racoon

We had a middle-aged woman once come in all dolled up with expensive clothing and an obviously expensive purse. She had long blonde hair and walked with pride. Oh, and she had a pet Racoon. Yep not joking this woman had a pet raccoon. She would bring the filthy thing in sometimes on a leash and sometimes she would let the little bastard sit in the cart. Although he would occasionally let people including children touch him, he was by no means tame or even friendly. In fact, she told us the story once of how it became her pet. She had found in one day In her basement. She had kept it there for about a month throwing down food until it became acclimated enough to trust her. She even slept with the raccoon in her bed! There is NO way this woman was married! (Photo original to



I have mentioned Loretta the young African American woman I worked with at Petsmart before. I have also mentioned Karen, the older grumpy butch lesbian that worked as the assistant manager of the store. Well at Petsmart you typically do all of the facings after the store has closed. This means that you cannot begin cleaning the store until every customer has left, and often we would not get out on time. Well, more often than not the closing shift would be Loretta, Karen, a cashier and myself. Loretta and Karen would stay in the office watching youtube videos and literally NOT working while the cashier and myself would be responsible for cleaning the entire store. We were not allowed to clean on the same aisle, so we would often talk to the store or across the aisles. About anything to just pass the time, as we were not allowed a radio or any other noise.

   Well, one day Loretta and Karen storm out of the office and start screaming at us to stop talking and to get back to work. I blew the fuck up and started yelling out that I am a grown ass man, and that I know how to do my fucking job. If they want to get off their ass and help we could all go home earlier, but if I wanted to talk while doing my job I was more than capable and for them to fuck off. (Needless to say, I immediately got wrote up for this)

   I just wanted to Walk my cat

Another day another evil cat. Mind you I really don’t mind cats at all. They can be cute, but I have always been a dog person myself. I guess this is a because every cat I have ever know had been a little asshole. I had cats that would bite, scratch, even shit on my bed! Well, one day in the middle of a freezing January blizzard a woman comes in screaming that she needs help because her cat got out. I am the only one available to go an assist. She is panicking because we are part of a large shopping center and our parking lot is a very active one. She had put a dog collar on her can and use a leash to “walk her cat” For those of you who don’t know, a cat’s head and neck are about the same size, therefore they can easily escape a collar, and when “walked” require a harness instead. Well, I spent the better part of an hour crawling on the freezing asphalt in the middle a fucking blizzard under cars trying to catch this damn thing. By the time I actually managed to get ahold of the damn thing I quickly learned that this fucking four legged spawn of satan still had its claws. I ended up looking like I should have been in a psychiatric hospital on suicide watch. (both photos below original to



   Overall I enjoyed my time at Petsmart. Yeah I hated the managers, but I could usually get by without them bugging me too much, and when they did I had no problems speaking my mind. Have you guys ever worked at a retail pet store? Let me know in the comments below, or via twitter! Until next time.

  • Rex