November 16, 2016

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I worked as a cashier/photo-tech exclusively during my tenure at this oh-so-wonderful store. If you wanted film developed you had the option for one hour service or send out service with kodak. The kodak service has next to nothing to do with us. We put the film canister in a bag with the customer’s info and order info on it and then mail the bag to kodak. A few days later we get the photos back from them and make the sale. A woman came in on my shift asking for her sent out photos. I get three bags for her and ring everything up. She tells me, “oh no, i’m supposed to have four rolls and what the hell this bag doesn’t have any photos in it just this piece of film canister” According to her this is all my fault, these photos are irreplaceable because they’re from her daughter’s baby shower and she was the only one with a camera and she was getting me fired for this shit. Well I don’t know what the fuck happened on the kodak side of things but all I do is seal a bag so fuck off you can deal with my manager. My manager apologizes and gives her all the film for free. Fair enough.

Let me preface this one by saying that I only ever worked the closing shift, I did not know how to start up anything. CVS closed at 10pm when I worked there. The photo dept closed at 9pm. At 9pm I promptly shut off everything, including the self-serve photo machine as long as there isn’t a line. Some guy came in at 9:30 asking to use the self serve machine. I kindly explain to him that the photo dept closes at 9 but he can come back as soon as we open in the morning to use it. He instantly escalates to yelling at me. I reassure him that this is store policy and I can’t do anything for him. As far as I know the machine takes 30 minutes to start up so he can’t even use it before we close. My manager came up to deal with that man and has me wait in the back to diffuse the situation. That sonofbitch turned the machine on for the customer. If it is store policy to shut down the dept at 9 then fucking back me up when I tell that to a customer. Don’t make me look like a dick for following YOUR rules.

Last one, I promise. I processed a check from somebody for over $100. The next week I am called into the manager’s office. This guy went to all the CVS stores in the area and wrote checks for big purchases like this. Every single check bounced or was fraudulent or some such. I was written up for failing to have the manager authorize the over $100 check, a policy I was never informed of…

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Used to work for Circuit City conning people into spending their money on bullshit Monster products and high end TV’s. A small selection of stuff:

Woman’s kid pukes all over my department, woman just takes her kids and walks away, like it never even happened.

Went into the back one day and the second I opened the door I could smell a stench worse then death. Went in the men’s room and found out that someone had clogged a toilet, and someone else had used it anyway. Laying down paper towels in the bottom, and then leaving a great big pile of shit on top. No water in the bowl. I’m so glad I had nothing to do with cleaning that up.

People would try to return things that obviously weren’t returnable all the time. People would throw things at cashiers when they didn’t get their way.

I had one guy who asked me about a record player that had been there since before I was hired and we were selling it anyway. I told him how long it had probably been there and that it was broken. He asked if I could give it to him for free. When I said no, the price should be on a tag next to it he freaked the fuck out on me.

Black Friday was a fucking nightmare. We worked 3AM to 4PM shifts. People were utterly insane, the store was a fucking mess beyond recognition at the end of the day. If I had to stay and clean that up I would have killed someone. I smoked the biggest doobie ever on break that day and it was the only way I made it through the day.

People are pigs. We’d find half eaten food all the time, almost empty soda bottles stashed behind products and in random places on the floor. I can’t tell you how many times I found old disgusting moldy food.

Stuff like OP is talking about? Every single I got chewed out because I couldn’t take a few hundred dollars off the sticker price of a TV. People thought they were shopping for a used car. We were encouraged as hell to push Monster products because they have high GM, and people complained when the cheapest cables in the store were $40. I told them to check the internet.

People would call in all the time, almost every day, and be like “Well I’m looking for a TV but I don’t know what I want, what do you have?” When I’ve literally got a wall of 40 different TV sets behind me.

The retail world is fucking disgusting, people in general are slobby, sloppy, disgusting, messy creatures, who will do just about anything they can to save a few bucks. I had one guy literally beg me to give him $50 off a $2500 TV. Anything to feel like they’re getting a deal.

I reflect on my time with Circuit City as some of the worst, most disgusting, horrid, insightful, educational times of my life when it comes to how people really are, the majority of people. I left when the company finally went belly up, and despite being unemployed since I’ve never considered working for a big box retailer again. I know people will call me an idiot for not taking whatever job I can find, but it’s just not worth going insane for a paycheck to me.