I am Free! Last Monday, April 24’th was my last day at Family Dollar. Or should I say prison? For fuck’s sake I dealt with the same type of clientele, drugs, fighting, and learned a ton about the local gangs, so I think it fair to compare the two.

Although I managed to get out of the company my last two days were anything but peaceful. In fact, I ended up catching and firing a cashier for embezzlement. Let’s call her trashy ratchet ass ShaNae.

ShaNae transferred to our store earlier this month because the previous cashier we had stopped showing up, and every fucking person we interviewed could not pass a drug test. So since a transfer does not require a drug test having ShaNae was better than nothing.

ShaNae was a bit of a big girl, raised in the hood, with the tattoos, and a felony on her record to prove it. However, we didn’t mind overlooking her flaws because the customers loved her. I mean the customers really loved her, we couldn’t really put our finger on as to why, but they all seemed to gravitate towards her. She wasn’t particularly friendly, or hold conversations, but they continued to come in and shop.

Well on the day before my last day (Sunday) I had a customer come into the store wanting to do a return. Cashiers are not permitted to do return transactions at Family Dollar, and thus she called me over. He wanted to return a Duracell micro USB charger, but at first claimed he did not have a receipt.

I told this sketchy as fuck looking guy that we do not accept returns on electronics without receipts due to high theft. Eventually, he pulls out the receipt and I look at it. I notice that he bought two of them one which was rung up for $1.00 and the other which was rung up for the normal price of $8.00. I know that they were not on sale, so I look to see who checked him out and discover that it was ShaNae.

Immediately getting suspicious I go and make a copy of the receipt before he can demand it back, then call ShaNae over to ask her why she discounted an $8.00 charger down to $1.00. This lying bitch tells me she doesn’t remember, and that the register must have “malfunctioned”.

I dismiss her and focus my attention back to the customer. I tell him that because the item was rung up lower than normal that he would need to speak to the store manager when he came back on Tuesday.

Overall I just had a really bad feeling and decided I wanted to go back and look a bit more into what happened. I go and print out the entire price override list from the last three days prior, and notice that instead of the normal 2-3 we had 25. All of which were coming from ShaNae. Not only was there 25 overrides, but the amounts were for nothing less than 50% some all the way up to 97% discounts.

This woman was expected to take my management job in less than 48 hours and thankfully I went ahead and started looking into this. She had been selling $10.00 items for $0.50 and $5.00 items for $1.00 Not just that one day, but since the day she transferred over.

I called up the district manager, mind you on a Sunday at around 5:15 at night and told her what I found. I had already confirmed suspicions via CCTV, as well as looking at transaction logs. The district manager asked me to go out on the floor and verify that prices were not changed, and while doing that I notice that ShaNae is trying to leave.

Up until this point, ShaNae had no idea what was going on, but when she saw me starting to look at all the items she had given discounts on the gig was up. She quickly grabbed her bag and was making her way for the doors. I stopped her and asked one simple question, why did you do it?

Her response was she was trying to “help” people by making their day better because the economy was tough. I quickly responded with well you sure seemed to give your family a great discount, as well as your friends.

As she was leaving she took a twelve pack of Pepsi and threw it on the ground, leaving a huge flood of sugar syrup all over the floor. I am left standing there with angry customers, and I know the protocol for these situations. Lock the doors until you can get another worker in the store.

Now I am in the store with the doors locked trying to get everyone still shopping to come to the register to check out that way I can begin calling around to all the other stores as well as the district manager to inform her of what happened. Mind you I still have a massive spill on the floor, and customers banging on the doors from outside trying to get in.

Eventually, I was able to get everyone out of the hell hole of a store by declaring a security issue (Technically not lying as the area I worked was prone to armed robbery and I was alone.) Once alone I began calling other stores as well as our district manager. Three stores never answered their phones, two flat out told me they are not sending their people to a risky neighborhood, and another store told me they had no one to spare.

So The day before my last day was cut short a few hours, and I got to close up shop early. As I was leaving I couldn’t help but think to myself everything that I had gone through with this location, guns, drugs, prostitutes, hell even coked out woman left her children behind for a few hours once!

Somehow I realized that I was actually going to miss the excitement, The same perverted side of me that wants to skydive also enjoyed the crazy hectic life of working in the hood, catching thieves, and the constant risk. I enjoyed the challenge and more so than anything else I enjoyed the culture shock.

Until Next time,

Rex Out!