I’ve done it! I finally have made my way out of retail. Five years, five long miserable years. While some retail veterans may scoff at that number, I wear it as both a badge of pride, as well as a reminder of what life is like for many.

As many of you know I recently accepted a job offer with a large bank, that said only a few know how I came to this point. I guess it started when I finally made up my mind to change my major. You see I was pre-med. I have the perfect grades, as well as having been on the president’s list a multitude of times.

I still haven’t told my family yet, but that is coming soon. I will likely reveal this after a good month or so of working at the bank.

I had already accepted a position with Walgreens, specifically the Walgreens across the street from my old CVS, you know the one I was fired from. Well, I got a call around the same time I had accepted the offer and began the three interviews that I feel will change my life. In the end, the bank had way more to offer.

Not only was the bank willing to pay more, but I would have a set schedule, a clear and structured way to advance. A better health plan and generous vacation allotment awaited me at the bank, so I put on a nice shirt drove to Walgreens and immediately lied to the manager…

I’ll admit I would rather not lie, but some things are better to lie about. I told her I apologized, but that I had received an offer from the university I was attending that although less hourly, covered my tuition expenses. I guess in my mind this made it easier for her to sympathize with the situation I was in, even if it was made up.

Yeah, I know I am a horrible person, I guess I will do great in the finance world. At the same time, I really wasn’t exaggerating too much though, as the bank I am going to work for will pay for my master’s degree program once I complete my bachelor’s.

Now that I will be working at a living wage, I have plans on moving into my first apartment. I am planning on moving between the end of October, and the beginning of January. I really want to aim for January, that way I have a sizeable amount put away in savings just in case.

While I am going to be leaving retail, retail will not leave me. Nor will I be leaving Retail Anonymous. In fact, I feel that this is just what I need to get back to writing. Obviously, I will be unable to reveal personal information or trade secrets, but I should be able to open up a bit about the daily life of working in a large bank.

I definitely plan on writing shortly after my start. I want to document the transition as best as possible, and getting content out as fast as possible will be high on my priority list.

Until next time,