About Me

   Well, this is the part where I am supposed to tell you all about myself. To start off I am your typical twenty-something college student. I am from Oklahoma USA and for the last five years of my adult life, I have been working in retail. My first job was with Walmart which lasted around two and a half years.

   After Walmart, I moved on to work for Pizza Hut for a short time before going to my next retail hell, Petsmart. First of all yes there are lots of animals, but Petsmart is still retail and the politics are pretty much the same. After witnessing many morally questionable policies and actions including organized theft from my store’s management team I had to leave. 

   After Petsmart, I began my career at CVS Health as a shift manager. My store did not have the position of an assistant manager, but in essence, I was the assistant manager. I was responsible for payroll, scheduling, billing, and even disciplinary actions. I loved my job at CVS, and more importantly, I loved working for my store Manager. We quickly bonded and became good friends. After a change in the district, she was forced to leave and the new store manager was completely inept. I got tired of doing the store managers job, and thankfully I was eventually fired in December of 2016. I wrote about the entire process in my story titled “I’m under Investigation for Rainchecks”

   Now I am working for my former CVS store manager’s Husband at Family Dollar. While I love their Family, Family Dollar is a complete nightmare, and not somewhere I see myself in two years. That said, I do love the people I meet simply because of the content and stories I get to share about working in the ghetto.

   Enjoy the site and be sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest updates!

   – Rex


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