Fired From CVS

   Welcome back, everyone. First off I just want to thank every single person who follows this blog. Your support has been outstanding and means more to me than you could ever imagine.

If you have not already read last week’s story about me being under investigation then I strongly urge you to click the link below and give it a read! Everything that follows comes directly from that investigation.


   Now let’s get on to what you all came for!  I was officially fired from CVS at 8:19 AM on Dec 09th. Yeah, so that sucks . . . Well, to be honest, it really doesn’t suck in fact quite the opposite. I am now comfortably enjoying my time off. Hell, I am even planning on spending the holidays here at home with my family where one should be during this time of year. I am no longer stressing about all the simple bullshit that the incompetent manager couldn’t seem to get done in the days before my arrival.

   I am also really enjoying getting calls from now former coworkers asking me how to do tasks as simple as printing out an invoice! I am going to be a vindictive little asshole for the next couple of weeks, but let’s go ahead and talk about how I was actually fired.

   I talked in depth about the termination on this week’s episode of the Retail Rant. Follow @The_Retail_Rant on Twitter and be sure to listen to his weekly podcast  If you have not listened to the podcast the link is below.

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   So if you read last week’s story then you already know that I was under investigation from the company.This was because an “anonymous” tip was called in regarding a raincheck I had used at another location, as well as the fact that I have been requesting rainchecks since my employment. Well, their “investigation” was thwarted when I unveiled the fact that their accusations of me signing my own name on a raincheck were false when I showed them that the name on the raincheck was clearly not mine, but instead, the signed name was that of a coworkers.

   This was my downfall. The simple reasoning is because I had embarrassed the regional loss prevention manager in front of the man she was training. So talk about a way to get on someone’s shit list pretty damn fast.

   After that, they moved onto to the fact that I had rainchecks and that I was stockpiling them like a doomsday prepper stockpiles canned corn and ammunition. I did this because they do not expire and are a great way to keep costs down well into the future. Call me smart, or a greedy asshole, either way here in a few years I am still getting my milk for $1.99 and my soda for $2.00 a 12-pack

Well, neither of these things could officially get me fired. I had not broken any company policy, or law for that matter and made that very clear during our three and a half hour long interrogation, err I mean meeting.

   After I the meeting had concluded they immediately began going back looking at every transaction I had made, or sold since my employment. They had to go back months to finally find something they could can me over. What do ya know it was a fucking raincheck. How befitting!

   So months ago (September I believe) a sale in the paper allowed someone to buy store brand teeth whitening kits for $6.29 and get $10 back) essentially you would get “paid” to buy the item and try it out. Since we were out at our store I had a cashier write me up a raincheck.

   Apparently, the sale in the newspaper was incorrect and not supposed to include that item. A coworker said that he had told me a few days after I got the raincheck. I really don’t remember but I agreed that it was possible he told me.

   Two months go by, and I go to another store (one that is closer to my home) and used that raincheck. Since it was a mistake in the sales ad, and I had maybe been told I was fired. Seriously two fucking months go by. How in the hell am I supposed to know that I was not supposed to use that one!

   Now when my district manager came to the store on the 9th to fire me and inform me of all of this I still proclaimed innocence. I had officially done nothing wrong. I had not broken any policies or laws, and therefore according to their own policy I could not be fired or even written up. Well, the pudgy little bastard informed me otherwise.

   He proceeded to pull out a couple of documents and on PAGE 25 of the employee code of conduct the following is said:

If there is no written CVS Health Policy specifically addressing a type of behavior or situation, you are always expected to act in a way that is consistent with the company’s Code of Conduct, including its Purpose, Strategy, and Values which represent the guiding principles of CVS health.

   Hot Damn I kind of feel proud of myself. The fucker actually had to dig through the book and go all the way to page 25 to find something to fire me for!

   Officially I was fired for a “lack of integrity” which according to the company is “delivering on our promises; doing what we say and what is right” You know if I really wanted to be a salty asshole I could easily fight that the cause of termination is too vague and open to interpretation. However, I am really not that concerned. This is because the publicity stemming from my termination is more than enough revenge for one job. Not only that but the fact that tasks are not getting completed, and customers are upset over my firing is more than making me jolly this December.

I also want to show you all that the company official policy about rainchecks states nothing against what I had done. So below is the company’s official operation manual for rainchecks, Enjoy!

On a more positive note, I have already found another job. I had previously been contacted by a few other companies recruiting offices, and today I made a decision. I will be taking a significant pay raise as well as better benefits and a more glamorous job title. I will still be enjoying the holidays off and will go back to work in early to mid-January. Thank you all for your support and as always, keep sharing the retail stories.

  • Rex

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Shit People Ask me At Work

               So I am going to split this up into two parts today, because not only do customers ask the dumbest questions but occasionally even a coworker can ask something pretty of the wall.

Below is a list of some of the more memorable things customers have asked me recently.

1. Where are the bathrooms?

2. Can I use this coupon from last year?

3.  How do I get to (competitor store) from here? “Gee I don’t know how about you use that phone in your hand there to google it?”

4. This was on sale last week, can I get that price instead?

5. Can you price match this item to Walmart’s price?

6. Can you give me your employee discount? (I hear this just about every fucking day!)

7. Well, why not?

8. Lat time I was here this was cheaper I want that price. ( Okay, how about no)

9. I lost my credit card can I just take this and pay you tomorrow?

10. (clearly drunk already) “Yeah where is your “beers” at?

11. Can I get your number? (Just because I am gay does not mean I am interested in a 60+-year-old man)

12. Why do you work here? (my favorite response is telling them my parents sold me to CVS and I am paying off my debt.)

13 I need my propane refilled, can you come home and pick it up for me? (SERIOUSLY?!?!?!)

14. Are you guys closed? (No the security gate is down and I am walking to my car what do you think dumbass?)

15. (on the phone) Can you do a MoneyGram for ten thousand dollars to me as a test transaction?

               That was fifteen of many of the dumbest questions I have been asked by customers over the last few weeks. Now let’s move on to the employee side of things. Some of you may get these and some of you may not. I apologize, but I want to keep the questions as close to the originals as possible.

1. Hey, can you cover for me tomorrow? (I had just worked eleven days in a row and the girl knew that.)

2. Can I go home early so I can watch Big Brother tonight?

3. Am I allowed to go to the liquor store on my lunch break? (Only if you bring me something back!)

4. (asked a cashier to put a bag of candy back on the shelf a customer did not want as I was checking out a customer) Where does it go? (the item was literally right behind her and she had worked there for over a year!)

5. Where does the trash go?

6. What time do we close? (the same time we have closed for the last year!)

7. Can I just stay at the register all day instead of working on task? (yeah if you want to get written up and put us behind)

8. Can I keep the extra twenty dollars in the register?

9. Would I REALLY get fired if I stole this candy bar?


10. Can I go to the bathroom? (FOR FUCKS SAKE JUST TELL ME YOU NEED TO GO DON’T ASK!)

               So this is a bit short today because I am in the process of moving this month. Life has been very hectic between work, class and moving. So yeah hate me all you want. I am hoping to get some future story ideas from coworkers and fans on Twitter that way I can get started much earlier in the week. Thanks for reading until next time

  • Rex

Training the Newbys

   Maybe the reason I have always ended up as a trainer for every job I have held is because I actually do the job I am hired to do. I mean it, I am one of those that understands that this retail gig is just a temporary job, but I still do my duties well. Unlike many of the little shits that get hired, that are around my age. I have now been the primary trainer for four jobs. I almost take that as a compliment, but instead I am constantly reminded of the fact that my greatest accomplishment thus far in my life is training well over a hundred idiots how to do basic jobs.

   Just a month after starting my first steady job (well one that the tax man knew of) I was given my first new hire to train. I remember the guy well his name was Michael, and he was a junior at my high school. At the time I was still a sophomore, I thought it was cool to be training someone that normally would never acknowledge let alone talk to me at school. The guy was an asshole to put it lightly. I still  to this day have no idea what our HR member was thinking when she hired him. Well on the day he joined the “team” I was working the customer service desk. My store manager comes up to me and quite abruptly tells me that I am going to be training him and that I had payroll for one hour.

   “Well fuck” I think to myself,  so much for taking my lunch. I introduced myself, and the little bastard just replies “yeah I know”  I had no fucking clue what I was doing I just showed him the functions of the register and had him watch me a couple of times.

   Fast forward two years later and I had trained over 65 people while working for Walmart. Mind you I was a manager for the front, but my SM was so “comfortable in my training abilities” (whatever the hell that meant) that I ended up training for numerous positions including the deli, and stockroom.

   After I had left that hell I ended up working for another loving called Petsmart. You know I worked there for over a year and I still never found out if it is Pets Mart or Pet Smart. Anyway Part of the problem with training at this store was that every time I had to train someone my position was changed to whatever fit the position for whomever I was training for. SO one week I would be an operations manager, and the next week I could be a dog bather. (seriously fucked with my paychecks too) The stress of training for all the positions, as well as the inconsistent paychecks,  made me really want to just say “#FuckItIQuit” Although I ended up staying for awhile, I still get pretty salty over that. I learned a ton and using the skills I had learned in all of my previous experience definitely paid off financially when I found my next job at CVS.

   I have now been with CVS for just over a year. In that time I have trained twelve people. A much smaller number and that is because my wonderful SM comes to me for advice when hiring. I enjoy my position here and really enjoy the flexibility in my schedules. I also have enjoyed training here more than anywhere else, simply because I have a wonderful trainer myself. Currently, I am the preferred trainer, and I cannot word that any better. For example, when schedules are made if training a new hire is needed, my SM will always schedule me to be the trainer. Out of the thirteen people who have come to our store in the last year for training, I have trained twelve of them. I would have trained the other one if I had not been on vacation that week as well.

   I guess why I am writing this for today’s story is because I am training yet another newbie this week. Honestly, I am a bit excited for this one, because the woman has already been late for her interview, as well as missing her mandatory new hire class. She has even “accidently” hung up on me twice and the woman has yet to even come in for her first day. While most people would already look at her as a failure, I look at her as an interesting challenge. A middle-aged doesn’t give a single fuck challenge. This is the type of woman who strikes me as the stay on unemployment as long as possible type, and really I look forward to the challenge of taking her from that mindset and turning her into a great addition to the team.

   How do you all feel about training the new hires? Yeah some of them may be shit storms, but honestly, I really enjoy it. I really want to hear your stories, and confessions so send all the dirt you have to my twitter account @retailblogsite

   Until next time,

                            – Rex

College and Working, Here We Go Again

               Like many of you, I am a college student. Specifically, I am double majoring in organic chemistry and biology. I also maintain my work schedule of working full time each week to pay my way through college as best as possible. We all hear people talk about how hard it is to maintain grades in college while working a job, but let us go ahead and look at what it really means in a bit more depth.

               An average semester for me is anywhere from 15-22 credit hours. Traditionally for every credit hour, you take, you should study for about three hours outside of the classroom. So at a minimum, I need to study 45 hours a week to maintain my good performance. This is on top of the twenty hours I spend on campus in class. SO at a minimum, I am spending 65 hours a week just on my educational obligations.

               Next, we think about work. Working full time at a minimum is considered 33 hours a week. However, many of us are in the 38-40 hours a week range. So at a minimum of 33 hours a week for work, on top of the 65 hours on my educational obligations, I am using up 98 hours a week. Take into account that a week is only 168 hours long and I am left 70 hours for the week to do things such as sleeping, eating, showering, having friends, and doing chores. This, in turn, means that I have ten hours a day to what many people fail to even realize takes time. This includes doing laundry or keeping the house clean. Take into account that sleeping takes up a minimum of six hours a night and really I am left with four hours a day to be human.

               This is why I have decided to make a drastic change in the way I approach my time. I need to be able to have time to do chores, study, or be with family without having to schedule three weeks in advance a vacation day. The only way for me to not have to do a seven-day schedule is to maintain my working hours but reduce the number of days I work.

Starting next month I am going to start working two to three double shifts a week in order to get my hours in. By working two or three 14 hour days I can get my hours in and still only work three days a week. Three days a week plus my two on campus leaves me with two days a week that I can actually focus on studying, appointments, and generally having a life outside of work and college.

                  Many of my friends, family, and even fans have called me crazy for even considering doing this, but I think that in the end doing this is really my only option. I cannot continue to go months on end without having a single day off. I know that doing this is going to be challenging, but I hope by doing this I can improve my life.

                 I am curious as to what you all think. Feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below, or by using @retailblogsite on twitter!

Until next time, – Rex

A Day in the Life of a Retail Manager (Minute to Minute)

A Day in the life of a Drugstore Shift Manager (opening)

     Hey, guys, I wanted to give you all something a bit different today. A minute by the minute experience of one of my shifts at work. This took about two hours to type out, and the day to write down in a journal while I was working. Hope you all enjoy!

  • 6:00 AM Alarm goes off. Have exactly 45 minutes to shower and get dressed.

  • 6:50 AM Shit! I am running behind.

  • 6:52 AM Leaving the house to get coffee to wake me up after closing the previous night.

  • 7:20 AM Coffee in hand finally starting to feel awake. Already dreading the day.

  • 7:35 AM Arrive to the parking lot. Already have three customers waiting in their cars. Drive around the building to check for signs of burglary.

  • 7:37 AM Take a deep breath. Get out of my car walk to the front of the building and begin lifting our security gate and then walk to the locked doors. I place my keys in the door as a man gets out of his car. I tell him we will not be open for another twenty minutes. He insists he HAS to come in early. I tell him no.

  • 7:38 AM I enter the building, lock the doors behind me the man is yelling through the doors demanding entry. I walk to the back of the store to turn off the alarm. I then pull out my keys and open my office. Once in the office I grab my front register tills and walk them to the front.

  • 7:43 AM I place the tills in the registers and proceeded to clock in. The man at the door is now on the phone and still banging on the doors. I ignore him as I make my way back to the office to begin the real work.

  • 7:45 AM I am back in the office. Time to count the safe, and check emails. Notice an email about a recall. Yet another thing I will have to deal with today.

  • 7:50 AM I am done checking email, and proceed to now check for price changes. Three pages of labels to print out and manually enter into the computer to change prices. Total number of labels is 63.

  • 7:55 AM There is now four people waiting outside, sign on the door has our hours which clearly state we open at 8:00 AM Man is still on the phone staring me down as I walk back to the front.

  • 7:57 AM My cashier arrives. I walk over to the door to let her in. As I unlock the door the man tries to push his way in. (What is so important?)

  • 7:59 AM My cashier and I are clocked in the man is banging on my door. Harder and louder. Other customers waiting outside are visibly freaked out my him.

  • 8:00 AM I walk over to the doors and unlock them. The man pushes his way through the other people like a store opening for Black Friday sales. He then shoves his phone in my face. The man is on the phone with corporate. I tell him I cannot take his cell phone because if I damaged it the store would be liable. The man on the phone should be aware of this so I tell the angry man to give the employee on the phone a number that will connect directly to my store.

  • 8:02 AM I am now on the phone with corporate. The man on the phone with me knows policy and knows why we do not open the doors even a minute early. He agrees, but still, he gives the customer a $10 reward credit to his account for his “inconvenience”

  • 8:07 AM The customer come up to me at my front counter screaming at me about our pharmacy. He demands that I open the pharmacy for him. I explain to him that they do not open for another two hours. He insists that I am a manager and can simply open the pharmacy and give him his prescription.

  • 8:10 AM After several minutes of explaining that they are on a different key system, and a different alarm system he leaves after cussing out my cashier and I. He also tells us that he will never be back to the store.

  • 8:15 AM I begin putting out all of the labels I printed out earlier. Afterwards, I begin scanning twenty-five sale items that are empty to find in the back and bring out to the sales floor.

  • 8:45 AM I am done putting out all of the labels, and scanning holes. As I am walking to the back to begin pulling everything I am stopped my a customer demanding I open the pharmacy. I again politely explain the situation and assure the customer that they will be opening in only an hour and fifteen minutes.

  • 9:10 AM I am finally done with pulling the merchandise, checking the coolers temperature and putting everything out. Time to start on the recall.

  • 9:12 AM “Manager to the front please”

  • 9:12 AM I am greeted by a customer at the front with a death glare. A middle-aged Asian American woman with broken English. She cannot understand why her coupon that expired a month prior will not work.

  • 9:15 AM After repeatedly trying to explain to her that her coupon is expired I decided to call a translator.

  • 9:17 AM The translator explains to her and she is still unhappy. She demands I accept it anyway. If I do so I will surely be in trouble with my Loss-Prevention manager. I deny her coupon. She refuses to pay for anything and we are stuck with 17 returns to put away. All while having four people in line.

  • 9:26 AM Last customer. She insists that an item was  buy one get one free. I tell her I will be right back, and proceeded to walk to the aisle. She is upset that I will not simply take her word. I find the item and it is not on sale. The store brand is on sale, so I grab that and walk back to the registers. I ask her if she wanted the store brand instead to get the sale. The answer is no, and she still insists on getting the nonexistent sale price for the brand item.

  • 9:29 AM After I politely explain to her that I simply cannot override the price based on the fact that the items were not labeled incorrectly or in the wrong spot. She now changes her story and insists that the name brand items were in the store brand spot. (I still refuse to budge)

  • 9:31 AM The transaction is finally complete. Thank god I have tomorrow off.

  • 9:34 AM Time for a bathroom break on my way back to the office for the recall paperwork.

  • 9:35 AM “Manager to the front please”

  • 9:36 AM “Manager to the front please”

  • 9:37 AM I am walking back to the front of the building where my registers are. The woman is back. She insists that she should have received reward bucks on her shampoo. I have to explain to her that she bought the name brand and not the store brand. She demands a refund. Six more items to return now.

  • 9:50 AM I am finally starting on the recall. Surprisingly everything is all there and I am able to quickly gather everything together and remove it from the sales floor.

  • 10:00 AM I am back in the office and am gathering the registers for the pharmacy. They are open, and the man who was “never coming back” is there waiting.

  • 10:01 AM He is already yelling at my pharmacist and the techs because they just opened and he was not first in line. I decided to stay because of the thought that this could get ugly.

  • 10:03 AM the man comes up to the line and while I am back there a tech is checking him out. He is bad mouthing me, and telling them he is “never coming back again”

  • 10:06 AM As he is about to pay the pharmacist tells him he has any=other prescription that is going to be ready tomorrow. He tells her he will be back then. So much for never coming back.

  • 10:15 AM I am back in the office and getting our deposit from last night verified.

  • 10:16 AM “Manager to the front please”

  • 10:16 AM I come to the front with deposit and paperwork in hand. When I arrive I lock it up in a drawer, and then see what is going on. A customer is upset because a digital coupon is not showing up on her account. After a few minutes of her looking on her phone, we realize it expired three days earlier. I tell her that once they expire there is no way I can retrieve them. She insists I go ahead and give it to her. Once again I know if I do so I will have Loss-Prevention after me so I deny her request.

  • 10: 17 AM while I am up there a line forms behind the customer. I proceed to take over another register and help the other customers.

  • 10:19 AM I am finally done and looking forward to transporting the deposit to the bank, even if it only gets me out of the store for twenty minutes.

  • 10:43 AM I am back at the store. A small line is at the register. I go ahead and help my cashier out.

  • 10:50 AM I am done, and now take the paperwork to the office to file away. Time to start the next task of the day.

  • 10:55 AM I grab a scan gun and begin scanning every hole in my department which happens to be the largest department in terms of sales, and product.

  • 11:00 AM “Manager to the front please”

  • 11:01 AM I am called to the front to take passport photos. The man is from an African country and I end up taking the photo six times because he felt he did not look good enough in the previous photos.

  • 11:22 AM  After checking the man out I go back to scanning all of the holes in my department.

  • 11:29 AM “Manager to the front please”

  • 11:30 AM Thankfully this was an easy one. All I had to do was scan my credentials to approve a return. I end up checking out three more customers while at the front.

  • 11:40 AM I am back to scanning my holes. I only have three more aisles to go.

  • 12:15 PM I am finally done scanning everything.

  • 12:15 PM “Manager to the pharmacy please”

  • 12:16 PM I get to the pharmacy only to have a customer start yelling at me before I can even find out what is happening. The man is upset because he cannot use his 30% off coupon on his prescription. He insists he was able to do it during a previous visit. I try explaining to him that it is impossible to lower the price of a prescription on our registers. I tell him that the only way to change the price of a prescription is through the insurance company.

  • 12:18 PM He still insists that he was able during the last visit so I have the pharmacist print out her prescription history. His previous visit he checked out regular merchandise in the pharmacy and that is what the coupon covered not the prescription. I explain it to him, and still, he demands a lower price. I deny him re— “manager to the front please” I quickly maintain my stance and tell him no then work my way to the front.

  • 12:19 PM I get to the front to see a woman. My cashier tells me that she needs another refund approval. I notice that she is trying to return what looked to be at least $200 of Milani cosmetics. I notice that the customer looks familiar to a woman that stole a large amount of makeup from another of our stores just a few days earlier. I immediately begin asking the customer questions such as where she purchased the makeup. Her story changes from she purchased them here, to her friend then her mother purchased them at another store. I refuse the return and tell her she will need a receipt.

  • 12:30 PM I am physically and mentally exhausted by this point. Only two and a half hours to go for this short day shift. I decide to go to lunch.

  • 12:35 PM As I am sitting in the breakroom eating leftover pizza from the day before I hear “manager to the front please” I am on lunch she knows this so I ignore it.

  • 12:36 PM “manager to the front please”


  • 12:38 PM The cashier barges into the breakroom and begins to ask if I cannot hear her and why I have not been coming to help her. I tell her that I am sorry but I am clocked out. She says that she does not know how to check in a vendor although I have shown her twice In the last week already and she had been doing it for the last seven months just fine.

  • 12:39 PM Guess my lunch break is over.

  • 12:40 PM I get to the front and help check in the vendor. He said he was sorry and didn’t know why she called me. She had no customers and checked him in fine last week.

  • 12:45 PM I am done and proceed to walk back to the breakroom when I am stopped by my cashier. She needs to use the restroom even though she went right before I left for lunch.

  • 12:55 PM She finally returns by now I have checked out a few customers, and even taken the credits for the vendor. She comes back and tells me she is going to lunch. Guess I do not get to finish mine after all. Thank god I have tomorrow off I think to myself.

  • 1:24 PM My register crashes unexpectedly in the middle of a transaction. I have no way of knowing if the customers payment went through or not unless I check the office. Since my cashier took up my lunch I was feeling pretty grumpy so I call her to the front. After a few minutes, my line is backed up and she is nowhere to be found. Oh well, it was worth a shot. I call the pharmacy to send one of them to come help me out for a few minutes but I know this will come at a cost.

  • 1:27 PM I am back in the office, and I am on the computer checking to see if the transaction went through or not. Thankfully it had not. I go back to the front.

  • 1:28 PM The pharmacy tech had been able to get a few customer checked out. I tell the gentleman waiting that the transaction did not go through and that we would need to ring up everything once again. So we move to another register. He is understandably hesitant and wants to make sure that he Is not double charged. I send my pharmacy technician back and thank her.

  • 1:30 PM I get him checked out. Begin thinking to myself “where is my cashier at”?

  • 1:38 PM “Where the hell is my cashier”?

  • 1:42 PM My cashier finally comes back and tells me that she took an unapproved long lunch because I called her during her lunch. I am thinking to myself that my lunch consisted of 8 minutes because of her, but whatever this is not worth fighting over I still have to pull everything from the back that I had scanned previously and I only had an hour and twenty minutes to get it done.

  • 1:45 PM As I am in the back pulling everything I hear:

  • 1:45 PM “Manager to the front please”

  • 1:46 PM I get to the front and my cashier tells me she is going to the bathroom. At this point I am furious. She could have gone during her 50 Minute lunch but no. Whatever it is not worth the fight today.

  • 1:59 PM She finally returns I am on my way to the back when I hear that damn familiar voice once again.

  • 1:59 PM “Manager to the front please”

  • 2:00 PM I am beginning to panic as I only have an hour left in my shift. I am clearly not going to get the remaining task done for the day. I get there to find a Hispanic woman yelling about her coupons not working. After looking at everything I deduce that the reason is because she has coupons on multiple rewards accounts and that they cannot be used in the same transaction.

  • 2:10 PM After seven transactions and learning some new Spanish curse words she is gone.

  • 2:11 PM I am back in the stocking room loading everything.

  • 2:27 PM Thank god I have tomorrow off

  • 2:30 PM I have everything loaded up and begin putting all of the product out on the sales floor.

  • 2:40 PM “manager to the front please”

  • 2:40 Pm I have a call from another store wanting me to work for them tomorrow. No one else is available. I suddenly had “plans” and a “date” and could not work tomorrow at any point in the day. The other manager knew I was lying because he knows what it is like. He also understands that I had already worked a fell work week.

  • 2:55 PM I am finally done putting everything out.

  • 2:55 PM “manager to the front please”

  • 2:56 PM My cashier informs me that she is leaving a few minutes early. That is fine I am thinking at least she won’t be able to call me to the front.

  • 3:00 PM My replacement manager comes in and I am relieved, but I cannot leave him alone, and need to wait for the evening cashier to arrive. I fill him In on everything and he goes to the office.

  • 3:11 PM The Cashier finally arrives, she was caught up in traffic.

  • 3:12 PM What a day I think to myself as I am clocking out. Thank god I have tomorrow off.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this. The times may have been fudged just a tad, as at times I did not have time to write everything down, but this is pretty much a normal day for me. Hopefully, this gives you some insight into what it is like being a manager at a drugstore. Until next time,

   – Rex

My Biggest Mistake in Retail

My biggest mistake in retail.

     So this week I made the biggest mistake of my career in retail. I lost the key to our safe. Thankfully it is a really easy fix, but we do have to get the locking mechanism replaced, which is an expense to our store. I really do not even know how it happened. I have been in a fog like state the last few days. I am there, but I am not at the same time. I guess the best way to describe it is like sleep walking. I watched the surveillance tapes of me putting the key in my pocket, but I could not remember it. I had to call my store manager at 10:15 at night to come to the store when she was set to be on a plane at 3:00 am in the morning.

     Overall this is the worst retail mistake I have ever made, followed closely by the time I looked at the schedule wrong. I was supposed to open the store at 8:00 am. I looked the night before, thinking I worked at 3:00 PM Well I ended up sleeping in and did not wake up until after 10:00 in the morning. That was a big fiasco. These last few months I have been making mistakes I normally would never make, kind of makes me worried at times.

Retail Family

     As I am sitting here in the back seat on my way to Kansas I realized one thing about myself and my adventures in retail. We all share in experiences, even if the location or the name on the store is different. We experience the same struggles, and accomplishments and the best aspect of working in retail is the bonds you create.

     I have come to the realization that why I will gladly admit that working in retail is a struggle, and most days I come home mentally and physically drained. With all that in mind, I have also realized that I have made so many close friends in retail, and every store is a small and close-knit family. Every store is the same; we all have those that we grow so close to that we end up thinking of them as a family. We may even go out for drinks with them or invite them over once in a while.

      This last week I have been opening every day, and my boss was out on much-needed vacation. Well, this meant that for the most part, I was doing the truck myself. I had an evening manager on Thursday night, but he is sick and in the evenings you really cannot get too much done because of the need to get the store ready to close. So here I am on Friday morning freaking out because I still had over half of the truck left to finish on my own in less than six hours before my boss came back from vacation.

     Well, the time comes when she is about to come in and I still had quite a bit of it left. I had been able to work out a good chunk, but I was terrified that she was going to be upset. Mind you my boss ( Amber) is a wonderful woman, the best boss I have ever had. She is always very friendly and almost motherly at times. Well, she has never been upset with me, and looking back I really do not know why I was so worried. When she came in she completely understood and realized that it was a much larger truck than normal.

     My point with this is that we are so close and in tune that I was actually worried about her coming In when I had no reason to do so. This is because we are in a way a family. We can be disappointed and even upset at times with each other, but in the end, we always get past and move on just as a family does. We joke, laugh, love and even fight. Working in such a customer orientated fast paced environment is both challenging and rewarding. Sure the pay sucks, the fact that we work holidays and weekends suck, but we gain what many other office workers do not. We gain a second family. Because of this, I can now understand why some people elect to stay working in retail for ten or more years.

     – Rex