The Russian Mob Wife


Okay, I’m back, I promise this time. No, that’s not quite enough… I pinky promise I’m back this time. I am officially a certified bank teller. I know, spotlights on me, I am strutting around town like a local D- list celebrity but for me, this is a big transition. I am actually in a position where I am using my oh so fabled degree. Finance for those of you who are new or were too busy to read my previous stories.

So I recently ran a poll where I asked my fabulous Twitter fan base what they wanted to know about working in a bank.

Twitter Poll

As you can see the results are pretty overwhelming. For the most part, people were curious about the weirdest thing I have seen so far. Oh, and I am making 36k a year without factoring in bonuses.

A bit of a disclaimer first, this did not happen to me, but I watched on as it happened to a colleague of mine.

We had a “client,” which basically the fancy word for customer comes into our branch mid-afternoon on a somewhat rainy day. The branch had been pretty slow and I was working in the drive through, but from my position, I could see the entire lobby. A dolled up woman maybe in her mid-thirties came in. She had a very nice designer purse and was dressed in pretty much my entire student loan debt. She was clearly a woman of wealth and had a severe case of “I’m better than you peasant” face.

There were two people waiting by the podium in the center of the lobby where most people fill out their deposit or withdraw slips and this bitch had the nerve to walk right past them look my coworker into the eyes and demanded with a deep back of the throat thrust “Kelp” The woman had a very thick eastern European accent. By this point, she had my full fly on the wall attention. Let’s call her Red, like from OINB. Red reaches into her half luggage half purse and starts pulling out stacks of checks, and cash. I don’t mean large amounts of cash in small denominations. No, this wannabe Ivanka starts pulling out multiple fresh crisp stacks of $10,000 in hundreds still with the bank strap around the bills.

She ended up having more in cash than most people’s mortgages in my zip code.  That was just the cash, factor in the checks which she wanted to deposit into her husbands “business” account and immediately red flags are flying faster than Kremlin ICBM’s. They had so many accounts that my colleague had to actually scroll down to find the account she was wanting the checks in.  My boss ends up having to go over and get information from her such as occupation and where the cash came from. Red initially refused to answer any questions but eventually told my boss that her husband “is business man” she refused to elaborate, but we ended up taking the entire deposit.

Because this was such unusual circumstances it was taking my colleague longer than normal to finish up, and I had already helped the other clients that were formerly at the podium waiting I ended up just kind of listening from afar. Comrade Red ended up telling my really sweet and innocent older coworker that she was a dog and needed to move faster or she would meet her business man husband.

Just when I thought things were about to get heated with this rich Russian bitch this big burly pass as a damn body builder that could deadlift a fucking car dude steps in; all tatted up on his sleeves and around his collar looking like a straight up OG from those old school Russian gangster mob movies during the Regan administration. He yelled across the lobby to “hurry the fuck up.” As much as I hate seeing any women spoken to like that, this was the type of guy you don’t fuck around with. This is the type of dude to pick you up and throw you across the room like an Olympic jousting competition.

So me being the sensible new kid on the block at the banking center, I decided to stay the fuck out of it and hope to god there is an old school FBI surveillance van posing as a flower delivery close by with coms linked to a swat team should Mr. Hulk Smash decide to actually come all the way in.

When all was said and done after she left, my boss looked over at me and he must have seen the obviously visible “I’m about to shit my pants, what the fuck just happened” look on my face and said oh don’t worry about that, we usually get clients like that at least once a week!

I have to admit I really enjoyed sharing this. I was afraid that leaving retail behind meant I was leaving behind a great source of stories and content. Although after settling in with my new job, I can see now that the stories never end, the location may change, but in the end, I am still working with #DearCustomer


Na Zdorovie (На здоровье) friends,

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New Job At The BANK

I’ve done it! I finally have made my way out of retail. Five years, five long miserable years. While some retail veterans may scoff at that number, I wear it as both a badge of pride, as well as a reminder of what life is like for many.

As many of you know I recently accepted a job offer with a large bank, that said only a few know how I came to this point. I guess it started when I finally made up my mind to change my major. You see I was pre-med. I have the perfect grades, as well as having been on the president’s list a multitude of times.

I still haven’t told my family yet, but that is coming soon. I will likely reveal this after a good month or so of working at the bank.

I had already accepted a position with Walgreens, specifically the Walgreens across the street from my old CVS, you know the one I was fired from. Well, I got a call around the same time I had accepted the offer and began the three interviews that I feel will change my life. In the end, the bank had way more to offer.

Not only was the bank willing to pay more, but I would have a set schedule, a clear and structured way to advance. A better health plan and generous vacation allotment awaited me at the bank, so I put on a nice shirt drove to Walgreens and immediately lied to the manager…

I’ll admit I would rather not lie, but some things are better to lie about. I told her I apologized, but that I had received an offer from the university I was attending that although less hourly, covered my tuition expenses. I guess in my mind this made it easier for her to sympathize with the situation I was in, even if it was made up.

Yeah, I know I am a horrible person, I guess I will do great in the finance world. At the same time, I really wasn’t exaggerating too much though, as the bank I am going to work for will pay for my master’s degree program once I complete my bachelor’s.

Now that I will be working at a living wage, I have plans on moving into my first apartment. I am planning on moving between the end of October, and the beginning of January. I really want to aim for January, that way I have a sizeable amount put away in savings just in case.

While I am going to be leaving retail, retail will not leave me. Nor will I be leaving Retail Anonymous. In fact, I feel that this is just what I need to get back to writing. Obviously, I will be unable to reveal personal information or trade secrets, but I should be able to open up a bit about the daily life of working in a large bank.

I definitely plan on writing shortly after my start. I want to document the transition as best as possible, and getting content out as fast as possible will be high on my priority list.

Until next time,


Life of Sam – Chapter One

Life of Sam Reveal

Life of Sam

Chapter One


“Wake up, you’re going to be late again!”

“Ugh mom, just a few more minutes, I was up studying for finals last night.”

“You know you can’t be late again, Mr. Thimbel will fire you.”


Sam is, well he is Sam. There wasn’t anything exceptional about him. He stood at a measly five feet eight inches and was neither overweight nor underweight. He has short light brown hair that often was up in a fauxhawk and normal blue eyes that neither spoke to the world nor tried to hide. There is nothing remarkable about his fair complexion. Sam is in the absolute sense average.

Sam quickly tossed on a pair of jeans that were once his older brothers, and an old t-shirt he received for volunteering his summer between his high school graduation and his first semester of community college. Sam was not necessarily destitute, instead, Sam was the typical 20-year-old American. He lived with his parents while attending college, and worked a dead-end job at the local bookstore in order to pay for his education without experiencing crippling debt so early in his life.

 Sam looked over at the clock, 7:54 am

“ Great, just what I needed.”

He quickly grabbed his keys, while yelling out:

“Love you mom, see you after work.”

He went out to the street where his car was parked stopping for just a second to admire the virgin air. The smell of the night’s famous Oklahoman rainstorms still fresh in the air. Sam loved the smell of rain as many do, however for Sam the intoxicating smell reminded him of better times in his life. Times of when Sam was a child playing out in in the forest, free in every sense of the word without a worry in the world.

Sam entered his old Volkswagon Jetta, the car was on it’s the last leg but he was thankful for the fact that he had no car payment and that old Betsy usually got him around town without problems.

Sam worked at a local bookstore called Thimbleson Books. He had been there for just over a year, and even in that short amount of time, he knew the store was failing. His boss, Mr. Thimbleson was often on edge, and at this point would assign random tasks just to keep him busy.

Thankfully Thimbleson Books was no more than a few minutes away, but Sam knew that Mr. Thinbel would still be pissed. While Sam made every attempt to show up on time, his work schedule varied so much week to week that he often had to resort to staying up late to study for his classes.

This was not Sam’s first job, however. Sam had previously worked for a grocery store, as well as the local drug store. Both of which equally had their issues. Retail, in general, was something that Sam held a mortal hatred for, yet Sam found himself able to excel to the point where he had previously held management.

By the time Sam pulled into the parking lot the time was 8:07 am, he quickly grabbed his backpack from the trunk that way he could study over his lunch break and rushed inside.

As Sam pushed open the massive nine-foot tall oak and brass ornate door he noticed Mr. Thinbel standing behind the old mahogany counter staring at gold wristwatch

“You’re late again,” said Mr. Thimbel

“I know, I am really sorry, my alarm di-“

“Excuses again, Sam? Look I thought we were past this, I could have hired anyone and I hired you.”

“I am sorry I was up studying last night for finals, and I though I set my alarm, but I guess I didn’t”

“We will talk about it later, for now, I want you to reset the books in Fiction as we have a few new authors coming in. Take everything off the shelves, and categorize them by alphabetical order.”

“Wouldn’t it be faster to just move everything one place over and add the new books in?”

“If I wanted suggestions I would have asked for them, now get to work before you find yourself without a job. Oh and don’t forget to smile and give all the customers the Thimbleson greeting”

“What customers” Sam mumbled under his breath. He knew better than to challenge Mr. Thimbleson however he couldn’t help but let that slip. Most days the store would see less than twenty customers, and Sam would be lucky if he could get anyone to buy from the store’s one dollar clearance rack which was often filled by going to the local thrift stores and buying by the pound.

Sam knew the store was failing, as did just about anyone else in town. The only person who seemed to ignore the fact was Mr. Thimbleson he hated Mr. Thimbel and the meaningless tasks that were often assigned to him, but Sam needed the job. He had to pay for his tuition as the scholarships he received were not almost meaningless compared to the massive tuition prices. Since his father died more than three years back it was up to him to be the man of the house.

After his older brother, Jeff graduated their family slipped apart. With their father gone, Jeff moved to California to work at a new tech company. Sam was lucky to get to video chat with Jeff once a month, but in reality, he hated his brother for leaving.

As Sam was pulling books off the shelves he heard the distinct chime of the bells hanging over the doors.  While Sam couldn’t see the doors from where he was working he still shouted out the Thimbleson greeting.

“Good morning, welcome to Thimbleson bookstore, where the customers are the best.”

“Just looking” a firm feminine voice shouted back.

Great, Sam though. Guess it is too hard to simply say good morning back.

Sam decided he should go over and greet the customer and just let them know where he was in case they needed any help. He was also a bit curious as to who the customer was that so quickly blew him off.

“Hi, how are you today?” Sam said.

“I said I was just looking.” An overweight middle-aged beast of a woman shouted back.

“Not a problem, My name is Sam I am right over here if you need anything.”


               Sam, although agitated with the woman’s attitude, went back to the fiction section and began pulling more of the books off the shelves. He was trying his best to keep everything in alphabetical order, as was customary in the store during any resets.

A few minutes later Mr. Thimble came out of his office and approached Sam.

“We have a customer”

“Yeah, I know I already introduced myself to her and offered help just a few minutes ago, she’s a bit rude, so I thought it would be best to give her some space until she was ready to buy something”

“You know that is not the Thimbleson way, I doubt she was really rude. Go over there and offer help again, if she says no that just means she doesn’t know what she is looking for. Ask her some questions get to know what she is looking for and sell her some books.” Mr. Thimbleson said.

“I really don’t think that is a good idea, she really seemed like she just wanted space,” Sam said, almost pleading with his boss to not make him go again.

“Nonsense, go over there and show her some Thimbleson Books love, and remember to sell, sell, sell.”

Sam knew there was no getting out of this, he knew there was no way this was going to be as picturesque as his delusional boss thought, but Sam really needed this job.

Sam approached the woman, a grotesque mix of cheetah print leggings ready to split at the seams, much in the way a sausage splits when heated too long, and a ghastly neon green shirt that reminded him of vests often worn by hunters and road workers stared at him in the face.

“Is everything going okay? If you need any recommendations I would be happy to help you find something.” Sam said, in his well practiced fake customer service voice that often passed as genuine.

“Um, what the hell don’t you understand about, I ‘m just looking? Why can’t you people just leave me be? What you wanted to come over here and look at my fine ass? This store is a joke, I am never coming back here again. I can get all this cheaper online anyways!”

She kept screaming and yelling, Sam knew this would happen, but really his boss had forced him into a corner from which there was no exit other than to poke the cheetah print beast.

Hearing this, Mr. Thimbel ran to offer his apologies to the woman, Sam could overhear Mr. Thimbel offer the woman any book she wanted fifty percent off and assurances that the “employee” i.e. him, would be severely punished.

With the monster of a woman “pleased,” she quickly snapped a book off the shelf and demanded Sam to come check her out.

As Sam approached the old mahogany counter she quickly started shooting off.

“That is how customer service should be done”

“I am sorry ma’am, that I asked if you needed any help, I sincerely apologize for offering my assistance as well as being such an inconvenience to you,” Sam sarcastically said.

“Whatever just give me my book, so I can get the hell out of this backward store and away from your hungry eyes.

After she had left, Mr. Thimbel approached Sam and without hesitation began to tell Sam that he needed to learn customer service skills and that he was on his last chance. Then Mr. Thimbel told Sam that he would now be required to work through his lunch break while off the clock in order to make up for this, Sam lost it.

“You know what Mr. Thimbel, Fuck that. That was not customer service, that was you being a spineless coward and giving in to demands. The customer is not always right. You are not always right. From day one you have been riding me over the tiniest of things. Take today, for example, you wanted me to take every book off the shelve in order to add a few new books. Fuck you, fuck this failing store, and fuck this job!

Sam was proud, he walked towards the door to leave with a grin on his face and a sense of accomplishment. Sam had never felt better in his life.

Only when Sam exited the store and approached his old Jetta did the reality sink in. He had bills to pay, no job, and less than a thousand dollars in savings. Sam stopped for a second just to let everything sink in.

“ Oh shit, what have I done?”



This Article Is Spot On!

You’re annoying me. Please stop. For someone who has been in the (part time) retail industry since I was 15 years old, I’ve come across several very, very sweet, kind, polite people. Unfortunately, they are few and far between. I have stories that you would have to witness to believe I telling you the truth. My least […]

via Fashion Problems: Top 10 Clothing Retail Pet Peeves — The Prin(t) Press

#WTF #DearCustomer & the #BitchSlap

Source: #WTF #DearCustomer & the #BitchSlap

Free at Last


I am Free! Last Monday, April 24’th was my last day at Family Dollar. Or should I say prison? For fuck’s sake I dealt with the same type of clientele, drugs, fighting, and learned a ton about the local gangs, so I think it fair to compare the two.

Although I managed to get out of the company my last two days were anything but peaceful. In fact, I ended up catching and firing a cashier for embezzlement. Let’s call her trashy ratchet ass ShaNae.

ShaNae transferred to our store earlier this month because the previous cashier we had stopped showing up, and every fucking person we interviewed could not pass a drug test. So since a transfer does not require a drug test having ShaNae was better than nothing.

ShaNae was a bit of a big girl, raised in the hood, with the tattoos, and a felony on her record to prove it. However, we didn’t mind overlooking her flaws because the customers loved her. I mean the customers really loved her, we couldn’t really put our finger on as to why, but they all seemed to gravitate towards her. She wasn’t particularly friendly, or hold conversations, but they continued to come in and shop.

Well on the day before my last day (Sunday) I had a customer come into the store wanting to do a return. Cashiers are not permitted to do return transactions at Family Dollar, and thus she called me over. He wanted to return a Duracell micro USB charger, but at first claimed he did not have a receipt.

I told this sketchy as fuck looking guy that we do not accept returns on electronics without receipts due to high theft. Eventually, he pulls out the receipt and I look at it. I notice that he bought two of them one which was rung up for $1.00 and the other which was rung up for the normal price of $8.00. I know that they were not on sale, so I look to see who checked him out and discover that it was ShaNae.

Immediately getting suspicious I go and make a copy of the receipt before he can demand it back, then call ShaNae over to ask her why she discounted an $8.00 charger down to $1.00. This lying bitch tells me she doesn’t remember, and that the register must have “malfunctioned”.

I dismiss her and focus my attention back to the customer. I tell him that because the item was rung up lower than normal that he would need to speak to the store manager when he came back on Tuesday.

Overall I just had a really bad feeling and decided I wanted to go back and look a bit more into what happened. I go and print out the entire price override list from the last three days prior, and notice that instead of the normal 2-3 we had 25. All of which were coming from ShaNae. Not only was there 25 overrides, but the amounts were for nothing less than 50% some all the way up to 97% discounts.

This woman was expected to take my management job in less than 48 hours and thankfully I went ahead and started looking into this. She had been selling $10.00 items for $0.50 and $5.00 items for $1.00 Not just that one day, but since the day she transferred over.

I called up the district manager, mind you on a Sunday at around 5:15 at night and told her what I found. I had already confirmed suspicions via CCTV, as well as looking at transaction logs. The district manager asked me to go out on the floor and verify that prices were not changed, and while doing that I notice that ShaNae is trying to leave.

Up until this point, ShaNae had no idea what was going on, but when she saw me starting to look at all the items she had given discounts on the gig was up. She quickly grabbed her bag and was making her way for the doors. I stopped her and asked one simple question, why did you do it?

Her response was she was trying to “help” people by making their day better because the economy was tough. I quickly responded with well you sure seemed to give your family a great discount, as well as your friends.

As she was leaving she took a twelve pack of Pepsi and threw it on the ground, leaving a huge flood of sugar syrup all over the floor. I am left standing there with angry customers, and I know the protocol for these situations. Lock the doors until you can get another worker in the store.

Now I am in the store with the doors locked trying to get everyone still shopping to come to the register to check out that way I can begin calling around to all the other stores as well as the district manager to inform her of what happened. Mind you I still have a massive spill on the floor, and customers banging on the doors from outside trying to get in.

Eventually, I was able to get everyone out of the hell hole of a store by declaring a security issue (Technically not lying as the area I worked was prone to armed robbery and I was alone.) Once alone I began calling other stores as well as our district manager. Three stores never answered their phones, two flat out told me they are not sending their people to a risky neighborhood, and another store told me they had no one to spare.

So The day before my last day was cut short a few hours, and I got to close up shop early. As I was leaving I couldn’t help but think to myself everything that I had gone through with this location, guns, drugs, prostitutes, hell even coked out woman left her children behind for a few hours once!

Somehow I realized that I was actually going to miss the excitement, The same perverted side of me that wants to skydive also enjoyed the crazy hectic life of working in the hood, catching thieves, and the constant risk. I enjoyed the challenge and more so than anything else I enjoyed the culture shock.

Until Next time,

Rex Out!

Official CVS Coupon & Raincheck Policy

   Welcome back everyone! Hope that the holidays went well and that 2017 will be a less painful retail year. Today I want to talk a bit about coupons. Specifically, this story is going to be of more interest to CVS coupon shoppers.

   When I worked for CVS I was known from a few select customers as being a “Coupon Nazi”. In retrospect, I can see why I was called that, but I wanted to address CVS’s actual coupon policy as well as what happens behind the scenes. While the policy shown today is directly from the company, there were also select policies that each region and the districts can choose to apply.

   I will be separating the story into four main parts today. One thing to note is that this policy is still current and effective as of December 2016 despite a few references to tobacco in the policy. The CVS Coupon policy has not been updated since 2014. Feel free to share this story, or the photos to any social media platform. All of the pages of the policy are at the bottom in order without any highlighting. I recommend printing them out and taking them with you when you coupon at CVS.

Part 1: CVS Official Coupon Policy

Part 2: District or Regional Policies

Part 3: How District and Regional Policies Impacted Service and Employees

Part 4: My Tips for All CVS Coupon Shoppers

 Part 1: CVS Official Coupon Policy



   So the main takeaways from the first page of the CVS Coupon policy are below highlighted in the image as well as outlined in the text below the image.



  • CVS/Pharmacy does not accept expired coupons.

   This is because even if they are expired by a day when sent the to be reimbursed they have access to see when the coupon was scanned. If the coupon was expired then the store is not reimbursed, thus the store takes the loss.

  • Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

   This one tripped up a ton of customers in our district for a very simple reason.If a customer came in and purchased something for $100 then used a $20 coupon the most the customer could return the item for was now $80. Since CVS does not have a way to do “exchanges” this meant that even if you were coming in to get the same item, you would not be allowed to reuse the value of that coupon. This caused a ton of customer service and would result in complaints. Despite the the policy is firm.

  • CVS/Pharmacy only accepts ExtraBucks Rewards applicable to the ExtraCare card offered at the time of purchase.

   This should be pretty self-explanatory, but it means that if you are one of those shoppers that have multiple cards we cannot use coupons from one card if you are using another ExtraCare card. All CVS coupons will tell you the last four numbers of the card at the bottom of the receipt. Check that all your coupons match with the last four numbers of the card you are using before you go to make your purchase. Once we have everything scanned, chances are we will not go back and start over. Especially if there is a line or you are being demanding. I know it seems harsh but for a more in-depth explanation read section three.

  • Manufacture & Store coupons may be subject to tax.

   There was no real rhyme or reason to the taxes when you used coupons in our district. Just be ready to pay tax on all the merchandise before the coupons are factored in.

  • Any coupon not covered in these guidelines may be accepted at the discretion of CVS Management.

   The best way to go about this is to not immediately demand a manager, be polite and ask if you can get a manager to verify the coupon. However, from personal experience, I can tell you that there is usually only about a 50% chance of your coupon being valid. Another thing to note is to not abuse this. If you are always in and even if you are polite if you are the type of customer who constantly demands a manager to verify a coupon, eventually your success rate will plummet.

   The first page of the CVS Coupon Policy is the most critical page; this is usually the stuff you find online or the information most cashiers will know off the top of their head. Some other key things to note about the policy is under the Sale Items category towards the bottom of the page. If you are a couponer then this part of the policy is essential for you.



  • CVS/Pharmacy will accept manufacturer coupons for an item that is on sale.

  • CVS/Pharmacy will not accept percent off coupons for any item that is currently on sale.

  • If the value of the coupon is more than the price of the item, the coupon will be changed to fit the value of the item. (essentially, in short, this means no overages)

   On the next page of the CVS coupon policy, we see a few different categories. First, we see Multiple Coupons, which goes on to explain how a customer can use multiple coupons on the same item. In short this policy really only states a few things.


  • You can use one Store coupon and one Manufacture coupon per item.

   The exception to this would be using a store coupon for $2.00 off and a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off while also using a 20% off coupon for the total. The only requirements for this are that the item is not on sale. (Even if an item is on sale for “buy one get one free” or “buy one get one 50% off” and you only buy one the item is still considered on sale and thus a percent off coupon would not be able to be applied)

  • CVS will accept multiple identical coupons for identical items.

 However, if there is no limit assigned CVS management has the right to set one on your purchase to ensure sufficient stock for other customers.

  • CVS Employees can (and will) scan the coupons in any order they want.

   The end result is the same and really comes down to preference. I liked having all the coupons at the end while other employees wanted the coupons for every item to be with the items. Just ask the cashier before they start how they prefer to take coupons.

   The middle of the page then goes on to explain the policy regarding Buy One Get one Free Coupon. The only really confusing part of this policy is that even if you use a CVS coupon to get one free, and a manufacturer coupon to get the other one free you are still going to pay tax on both of them.


   The last part of the policy that is important to customers is the Internet/Print at Home Coupon section at the bottom of page two.

  • This just states that CVS accepts coupons printed from online sources such as coupons.com The big thing to realize is that CVS will not accept any reproductions. Every cashier is trained and drilled on how to recognize fraudulent or reproduced online coupons. One thing to realize with online coupons is that you cannot scan them and print out more. This is actually a form of fraud. When a customer does this it comes back on the person who checked them out. Below is an example of fraudulent coupons. All of the unique codes match, and in most CVS stores not only would you be unable to get the product but we would have to take them away and call the police. All CVS employees are trained to look for this unique number, and if a coupon does not have a verification code likelihood is it will not be accepted even if printed from a legitimate source.


 Part Two: District or Regional policies

   Now that the official company-wide CVS policy is out of the way I should mention all the little “unofficial” policies I experienced while working for the company. These “policies” all came from our district manager or our regional loss prevention manager.

  • If an employee suspects a customer’s coupons to be fraudulent then you were required to use your smartphone to go to http://www.couponsinc.com and enter the VERI-FI code found on the coupon.


   This code would allow us to see when the coupon was printed, the item the coupon was supposed to be for, as well as if the coupon had already been redeemed elsewhere. (meaning it was a duplicate)

  • If a customer had duplicate coupons (meaning the unique identification numbers were the same) we would have to confiscate them, as well as take a copy of the CCTV footage of the individual and spread it to all the other stores in the area via an app called GroupMe. They would also be heavily scrutinized long after their initial visit not just at CVS but other stores that participated in the app.

  • Not really policy, but just to show you how bad it got. We had a few customers who would come in and clear out the store with coupons. They would do this by having multiple ExtraCare cards (this was before we would refuse to use more card than the number of people present) Our Loss prevention manager got so fed up with them coming into our stores that she actually started creating fake Facebook accounts to join the coupon groups in the area. She would also look on craigslist for their post where they would sell their hoards out of their garages. She ended up reporting three different women to the city for having not only an unpermitted garage sale but also for running a business without a license. The loss prevention manager is still with the company.

  • We were told to make it especially difficult for certain customers to use coupons. If their coupons were slightly damaged (meaning maybe a tiny bit of the corner was cut but still scanned) we would have to refuse to use them.

  • When a customer uses a fraudulent coupon and you check them out it would come back on you. This would result in either a coaching, write-up or termination depending on the frequency.

Part 3: How District and Regional Policies Impacted Service and Employees.

   The district and regional policies would always vary from week to week. One week it could be cannon to the company policy, while other weeks it could be the strictest policy I have in my years of retail. This impacted our customers as well as employees. Because of the frequent changes many employees would not be notified and would get wrote up for something had no idea about. A in our area were even fired!

  •    Unfortunately, the customers did not have it any easier because of the frequent changes. Often times a customer would plan their shopping trip around a few sales and coupons to only find out that the policy had changed since their last visit. We lost out in sales, handled numerous complaints, and generally, we all were quite unhappy with the lack of consistency. Often times we would get customers who would simply go to another CVS because that store had not adapted to the current week’s policy.

Part 4: My Tips for All CVS Coupon Shoppers

   The reason I am writing this and providing the actual current CVS coupon policy is not to be vindictive or hurt the company, my only intentions to actually help the customers. Although I wrongfully terminated from the company by a few individuals I do not hold ill feelings towards the company as a whole. I enjoy many of the customers and in a way miss many of my regulars. That is why I also want to give you a few tips on how to have the best possible experience in CVS stores when couponing.

   Keep in mind that individual stores may vary, and some employees even those in management positions may not be fully or familiar with the official CVS policy.


   Print out the complete policy found at the very bottom of this page and take it with you when you shop. Having the official policy will prove beneficial when you have an argumentive employee or manager. If an employee it is fake tell them they can print it out via logging into Radar(F5) Store Resources Coupons This will take them on their company provided computers to the same policy.


   Be polite but firm. I cannot stress this more. Always be polite, but at the same time do not easily back down. If you are with a cashier then politely escalate to a manager. If the manager still refuses to cooperate then ask them to void the transaction and step aside from the registers and call the company corporate relations phone number 1-800-746-7287 (1-800-SHOP-CVS)

   The important thing with this is to be polite and do it while in the store. This shows that you are serious. The only thing they really cannot help you with is if you are trying to add coupons after the transaction is already totaled.


   Inform the cashier when you come in that you will be using coupons ahead of time. This may not be but can help prevent frustration when you go to check out. This also allows the cashier the opportunity to call for an additional cashier as soon as you come to the line. This is more or less a sign or equal respect and is often seen as a polite courtesy to the employees and other customers.


   You will really be surprised by the jump in customer service if as you come in you greet the employee back in a smile and “thank you” after they welcome you to the store. I have experienced this myself, as well as seeing it at other CVS stores. This shows the employee that you are listening and appreciate their effort. Far too often when we greet a customer they just pretend that they did not hear us and keep walking.


   Interact and have fun with the employees! We love many of our customers and sometimes having a quick conversation about anything is what makes our days! We work with people all day, and yet sometimes we can still get lonely. So talk with us, strike up a help us get through the day!

   Happy 2017 Everyone! I appreciate all of your support and really hope that this guide helped you out. Feel free to share this guide to any of your friends or family that are currently or wanting to start couponing at CVS! As always thanks for reading and have a great week!

  • Rex@RetailAnonymous

Useful Resources:

CVS Corporate Relations Phone Number: 1-800-746-7287

CVS Online Version of Policy: Click Here

Here is the full policy in correct order minus the cashier instructions. I had to omit those pages as they are company confidential information.